The Best Marketing Speakers

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It’s amazing how a simple “complete this sentence” Facebook post can generate so much engagement.

On Wednesday, I shared the following:

DJ best speakers list

In less than 24 hours, the post had nearly 200 comments (okay, 185 to be exact). To put that number in perspective, my normal Facebook posts range from 0 to “a handful” of comments.

More important than the high engagement is this: As a group we were able to crowdsource a list of 94 of the best marketing speakers in the world. (More on “best” below.)

I could write an entire blog post about why I think this type of question invited so many comments (I  tagged people with large networks, the “crowd” effect, Facebook’s algorithm, etc.), but I’ll save that for another day.

My REAL reason for telling you this story is so that I can share this list with you, the Marketing Nation. Equipped with this list, you can

  • Find out more about some of the best marketing speakers out there (you might even want to book one!)
  • Add speakers to the list
  • Vote speakers up (and down)
  • Comment on various speakers
  • Engage in conversations about each speaker – with the actual speaker or with the community
  • Share the list with others – within your organization or externally

Ready. Set. Go.

However, Jay Baer really said it, well… best:
“Speaking and being a speaker are not the same. One is a skill. The other is a profession. And size of audience, expectations of audience, expertise of audience, are huge factors in what makes a speaker “right” for a particular gig.” He continued,“If you want to make a list of marketing speakers that don’t know DJ – thus finding some of the “new” voices that some in this thread have asked for – you would have to create that list in a much different way… But there are thousands of absolutely brilliant speakers in that group.”