What’s on Your Marketing Bucket List?

Modern Marketing


Have you ever said “I will get to that tomorrow”? Well the truth is you never know what tomorrow may bring. Keeping a ‘bucket list’ or a transcribed record of things you’d like to accomplish before you ‘kick the bucket’ may help you focus and become accountable for achieving your lifelong goals.

The same mantra translates to your marketing career. Your marketing budget/resources/creativity is not a guarantee. In the same fashion, a marketing bucket list can help you strive for seemingly ‘pie in the sky’ marketing goals. The key is to think big but start small. Here are some recommendations to add to your marketing bucket list:

Get My Salespeople to Blog

Getting your sales team to participate on the corporate blog may be a tall order, but imagine the valuable insight and field experience they can bring to your blog. Plus, having additional content writers never hurt. We actually just checked this off of our marketing bucket list at Marketo! We recently implemented a company-wide blogging program that has been very successful at getting not only salespeople to blog, but also all of our other business units as well.

Conduct a Thought Leader Interview

Tap into your network and get 15 minutes of an industry thought leader’s time. Not only will you have a valuable connection with a credible figure, you will also get some cool vignettes to share with your prospects.  Sorry, your CEO doesn’t count. Take a look at a recent thought leader interview we conducted with Robert Scoble, author and startup liason officer for Rackspace, as an example.

Produce a Cool Video Campaign

Whether you have budget to get a full production crew or have an iPhone camera, you can make a video with ease. Have a customer using your product in a cool way? How about an informative whiteboard session with an engineer? Who knows, maybe you’ll have a viral hit on your hands. Take a look at this fun and budget-friendly jingle video we made to promote our Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation.

Go Mobile with My Marketing

Many companies are optimizing their website and offerings to be mobile compatible. Without doing a complete overhaul, here are some ideas you can try to be more mobile-friendly: create a campaign using a QR code, optimize email and landing page templates, or use SMS for promotions.

Create a Customer Community Program

You can get a horse to the water but you can’t get them to drink. The same goes for building an active customer community. You can get your customers to purchase your product, but can you get them to advocate your company? Companies have created customer marketing teams to focus on this particular area. Encourage customer feedback and support by facilitating customer advisory committees or incentive programs. Building a sense of community with your customers can go a long way. We have really focused on this here at Marketo and have worked to build a great customer community.

Here are some other suggestions to consider for your marketing bucket list:

  • Build a robust lead nurturing process
  • Create a custom micro-site for a campaign
  • Optimize SEO to rank on the first page of Google or other search engines for a relevant search phrase
  • Develop a company-wide lead scoring methodology
  • Measure and track the ROI of social media marketing

Have some cool marketing bucket list suggestions? Please share your ideas.