Webinar Winning: Secrets of a Weatherman

Event Marketing


Do Webinars Work?

Webinars have the ability to attract new prospects to your website and help nurture existing prospects down the sales funnel. A recent study by ON24 reported that the average webinar captures 433 registrants and 42% of those will attend.

However, industry standard webinar drop-off rates are quite high (10%), mainly due to poor audience engagement. Assuming you already have good presentation, how can you improve?

Why the Weatherman?

Ever wondered why a weatherman presents the weather in person rather than just a voice-over with satellite maps? It’s because even a dry topic like rainfall levels is much more interesting with a live presenter and this humanization of content is critical in engaging a TV audience.

Body Language is Lost

Webinars have become a standard tool for marketing; however their main drawback is that they cut out more than 70% of communication, i.e. the body language of the presenter. Although technically webinars allow you to use your webcam, this is rarely done in practice.

Low Cost Green-screen Technology

Green-screen technology used by the weatherman has been around since the 70s; however it’s far too cumbersome and expensive for most marketers.

Bring in the Xbox. Using its Kinect camera – or another depth sensing camera -combined with cutting-edge software from PersonifyLive, you can now project live an in-screen avatar into your webinar with ease and more importantly on the cheap.

Connect with Your Audience

At Marketo we run hundreds of webinars a year. Personally, I find traditional webinars very dry, especially product demos which I am responsible for. Also, I want our prospects to connect with me personally as the local face of Marketo in APAC.

Fab Example

A New Style of Webinar

With this new technology I was able to project myself into my slides and product so my audience could see me just like the weatherman. This happens live, there is no need to pre-record the webinar.

Additionally, I could easily fade out of the screen when I needed the audience’s attention on the product and then fade back in when I wanted to explain the benefits.

The beauty of this sort of technology is that it’s no more complex than using a regular web camera, and cheap enough for a marketer to trial it without a commitment. All you need is a laptop, a depth camera and a monthly license (which you can buy online). Even a non-technical marketer can set this up quickly.

Increasing Engagement

Although it is early days, the results have been amazing.

Surveying our attendees, we have found that a resounding 90% believed it was ‘much more engaging’ than a voice-only webinar. In fact, our drop off rate improved by 5%. As a bonus, I received 12 times more social media activity post-webinar than usual.

Enhancing Sales Meetings

Soon after, our sales staff started using this technology in our remote calls to great effect. One nifty feature is the ability to film two people at the same time in an ‘expert panel’ style setup. As you can imagine, this technology is not just useful for live broadcasts, it can easily be used for pre-prepared videos and presentations.

Have you had a great experience with green-screen technology for webinars or sales meetings?