6 Tips for Effective Marketing with Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Social Media Marketing


Looking for an easy way to capture lead information on Twitter? Good news! The Twitter Gods listened to marketers and added their “Lead Generation Card” to their suite of Twitter Cards.

Read on to learn how you can get the biggest bang for your buck with this feature.

What is a Lead Generation Card?

The Lead Generation Card eliminates the need for users to complete a form on a landing page–instead, users can complete a form directly on an expanded tweet with a single click. Bam!–user information is sent directly to your marketing automation system via Twitter.


Now that you know what a Lead Generation Card is, let’s get into the 6 tips!

1. Sync leads to your marketing automation platform.

Get valuable leads into your system, quick! Similar to forms on your landing pages, syncing the data from Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards will automatically bring leads into your marketing automation platform.

The available fields to sync are:
Full Name
Email Address
Twitter Username

One thing to note is that the Lead Generation Cards only have a full name field and most marketing automation systems have first and last name fields. Also, they don’t capture company. As a result, you can’t push these leads from your marketing automation system to your CRM. What you can do is take your leads, since you do have their email addresses, and include them in a nurture track for people who have form fields missing. Then you can drive them to fill out some more information when you send them additional content.

2. Curate a compelling Lead Generation Card.

Choose a photo that best represents your offer, add a compelling description with a strong call-to-action, and change the name of the button. Remember, users still have to be interested in your tweets to see the call-to-action on the Lead Generation Cards—so be relevant and add value to your user’s lives.


3. Set up a follow-up email campaign.

Don’t stop when the name is acquired–send a follow-up email to ensure the lead is engaged with your company/product. Users are more likely to open and click follow-up emails when they’re still accessing your content on the web, so time is of the essence. However, make sure that there is a link in your email. Although the Lead Generation Card may shorten the conversion time, it does not help you track future engagements with your website because it doesn’t include a tracking cookie like a marketing automation form would. Convincing the user to click a link in the email will close this gap.

4. Add the lead to a relevant nurturing campaign.

Your lead signed up for your offer for a reason–their interest. Do you have relevant content ready to share with your new leads over time? Make sure to customize your message and offers based on why the lead shared their information with you in the first place. And then make sure you add that lead to a relevant nurture campaign.

5. Use the lead’s Twitter handle to listen for social engagement and interest with your brand or product.

Listen for keywords in tweets from users who are already interested, and alert your sales reps when there’s a hand raise in the Twittersphere. It’s a competitive playing field out there–so make sure you have a marketing automation system that can listen for social signals, score interest, and send these hot leads directly to Sales.

6. Measure your results.

Always ask the question: is this marketing channel working for me? Is it worth the time, effort, and money?

One way to measure your results is by tracking first-touch attribution, where Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards would be credited for acquiring the name. Another option is to track multi-touch attribution–if an opportunity was at least influenced by a user’s interaction with your Twitter card.

However you decide to measure the results of your efforts, make sure you take a look at the numbers to see if your hard work is truly driving sales. From a product perspective, Twitter has added tremendous value to their customers without harming the user experience.

Twitter is currently only offering this to their managed clients, but will extend this time-saving feature to small and medium-sized businesses soon.

Are you planning to use the Lead Generation Card? I’d like to hear your plans! Find more ways to engage your leads on social media channels with our Definitive Guide to Social Marketing.