One Small Step for Marketo, One Giant Leap for the Marketing Nation

Modern Marketing


Today Marketo began trading as a public company on The NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “MKTO”. You can read about it and see some pictures here.

This milestone certainly marks an exciting moment in time for the company, but it also highlights exciting times for marketers everywhere. Large-scale trends, such as increasingly self-directed consumers and broad and instant availability of information online, are changing the role and responsibilities of the marketing department in most organizations around the world. In today’s data-centric, multi-channel business environment, marketing professionals are being pushed to fundamentally change how they engage and interact with prospects and customers.

These trends have led to the emergence of a modern approach to relationship marketing, requiring marketers to fundamentally change how they engage with prospects and customers. Marketo is dedicated to providing a marketing software platform that enables organizations to engage in this kind of modern relationship marketing.  Today’s offering is just one step along the journey towards this goal, and I’m more excited than ever about the opportunities in marketing today.

Thank You Marketing Nation

The extended Marketo community includes over 2,300 customers, 27,000 online community members, over 370 employees and over 100 partners who share their experiences, best practices and ready-to-use marketing campaign templates with other Marketo users. We call this the Marketing Nation, and I want to take this milestone moment to sincerely thank each and every member of the Marketing Nation who has been on this journey with us.

I want to thank our customers for your business, and even more importantly, for your trust and passion.  I want to thank you for the thought leadership that you have demonstrated in your businesses; we have learned from you at every step on this journey.  Your success is at the core of the Marketing Nation. I also want to thank our partners; thank you for all that you do in support of our common customers and your central role in helping them be successful.  We value your support and believe that when you succeed, we succeed.  I want to thank our venture investors who helped us to get to this milestone and helped us invest in our customers’ success. And, I want to welcome our new shareholders – we are excited about the journey ahead. Thank you all for being part of the Marketing Nation.

Finally, I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of Marketo’s employees for your dedication, hard work, and passion. It is your passion that drives success for our customers and our business. It is a privilege and an honor to work with such a high caliber team, so thank you – THANK YOU – for everything you do. I look forward to continuing this journey with you.