Journalism and English Degrees Are Not Dead: The Rise of the Content Marketer

Content Marketing


Finals are over.  Graduation is right around the corner.  Families and friends celebrate your awesome achievements.  Woot woot!  Life is good!

Then reality sets in.  You’re a Journalism or English major.  You need a job.

A Mixed Job Market

Traditional broadcast and print journalism aren’t hiring with the same velocity as they once did.  For instance, some newspapers are shutting down, some are reducing headcount and some are going from daily releases to a couple of issues per week.

Take a look at this LinkedIn study, Winners and Losers During the Great Recession, Internet and online publishing are among the fastest growing industries, and newspapers are significantly contracting.
LinkedIn Image

Why The Shift?

Our world has transitioned to a digital world. The buying process has dramatically changed–including the way we consume content and the way businesses connect with prospects and customers. Think about this: Barack Obama started his run for presidency before the first iPhone was released … the iPhone has only been out for 6 years!  The iPad has only been out for 3 years.  And widespread adoption of the internet has only occurred over the last 15 – 20 years.  Now we (and businesses) can’t imagine life without it.

Further, according to Forrester, 70% of a buyer’s evaluation is complete before they reach out to a salesperson.  Similarly marketers are spending up to 50% of their budgets on digital marketing activities.

The Trend Is Your Friend: Content Marketing as a Career Choice

Facts and trends are great, but think about this …

What’s the prerequisite for any interesting digital marketing activity?  Thoughtful content.

Now what’s the prerequisite for any thoughtful piece of content?  YOU!!!

Businesses (start-ups and Fortune 2000 companies alike) are embracing the digital trend and must create thoughtful content to keep up.  They’ll create blogs, e-books, videos, webinars, whitepapers and much more.  I speak with marketers every day and listen to what they need: content, content and more content.

That’s where you come in.  You can write beautifully.  You can work independently.  You can meet deadlines.  You’re trustworthy.  You can immediately contribute to teams.  And hopefully you’re fairly tech-savvy.

Bottomline: you’re hireable, and businesses are actively hiring people like you. Still not convinced? Take a look at another recent post The Content Marketing Mashup of Writing, Business, and Passion to see the evolution of a content marketing career.