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5 Reasons Australian Marketers Should Check Out CeBIT in Sydney


CeBIT has changed! What originated as predominately an IT event has evolved into a true business event with 500+ business technology exhibitors, 30,000+ visitors from 40 countries and theatrette/breakout sessions for business leaders, IT professionals — and marketers! Today, CeBIT is a three-day crash course in everything you need to understand about the new wave of digital transformation.

Buyers today are increasingly self-directed in their purchase decision making, creating profound new opportunities for marketers around the world. Combined with the emergence of easy-to-buy, cloud-based marketing software solutions, the result is a dramatic change in the relationship between IT and marketing. It’s time more than ever to embrace the convergence of marketing and technology, and that’s exactly what makes CeBIT so exciting to us.

So, head down on Tuesday May 28th to the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre (SCEC) Hall 4 to see what is on offer for Marketers. Here are five things that we’re excited about!

1. Awesome Marketing Breakout sessions such as:
How to Create a Customer Connection Engine Room
Do you need a social media command centre to connect with customers? Derek Laney talks to Lorna Jane about building relationships and reviews NAB’s recent social listening efforts.
Salesforce Breakout Session, SCEC Bayside 204: 2-2.45pm

The Secrets to Developing an Integrated Digital & Traditional Marketing Strategy
As marketers we operate in a new digital reality where although some traditional marketing methods are still effective, many companies are now spending 10-50% of their marketing budget on digital marketing alone.  This workshop will walk through the steps you can take to expand your marketing and sales funnel by establishing a cohesive digital and traditional presence – one that maximises every channel and triggers personalised communications based on key buyer behaviors.
Marketo, B&T and Datarati Workshop: Cloud Expo Theatre, Hall 4: 3-4pm

Reaching the Connected Customer
Are Australian brands doing enough to reach an increasingly mobile connected customer? With 12 million Australians each month, 1 billion globally, 60% returning daily, and 68% on mobile, its clear Facebook is part of daily Australian life.  Commonwealth Bank are one of the most successful brands in social in Australia; hear what they have learned about listening and becoming effective and connected publishers.
Salesforce Breakout Session, SCEC Parkside Auditorium: 4-4.45pm

2. The Salesforce Cloud Expo, and the Digital Marketing, Social Enterprise and CRM Solutions driving and supporting the cloud.
SCEC Hall 4: 10-5pm

3. Free “Lean In” Business & Technology Networking Drinks
Sponsored by Cloud Sherpas, B&T and Marketo.
Cloud Expo Bar, Hall 4: 4.45 – 5.45pm

4. The Social Media Command Centre
See live the CeBIT Social Media engagement team at work!
SCEC, Hall 6

5. Marketo’s booth with a Free Marketing Health-Check
Book in for a free Marketing Health-Check and enter the 3 Days of CeBIT, 3 iPad Mini’s to Win draw.
Cloud Expo, Hall 4.

PS: You can register for a free Exhibition ticket through (a saving of $99).