Marketo Celebrates the Marketer, the Marketing Nation, and Unveils New Product Innovations–Keynote LiveBlog

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After months spent tirelessly preparing, Marketo Summit is finally here! This year is record breaking with 3000 total registrants, and the Grand Ballroom is alive with excitement waiting for the first keynote to begin. This year Summit kicks off with, “Welcome to the Marketing Nation”, featuring Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo, Patty Azzarello, Founder and CEO of the Azzarello Group, and a slew of other surprise guests.

A Brave New You

Phil begins the keynote. Last year at Summit we talked about the “brave new world”, but this year, it’s the “brave new you”. Because you have been doing some amazing things. This year’s conference is a celebration of you as the marketer. How you lead the charge, take more control of the customer experience, and how you drive revenue for your companies. Marketing is becoming the change agent in an organization. Phil introduces to the audience the concept of the Marketing Nation by saying “You are moving your industries forward. We’re calling this the Marketing Nation! The network that allows you to help your companies and organizations go from good to great. You guys are amazing! You are pioneers in changing yourselves, your business, and your careers.”


Phil is excited to announce Patty Azzarello as the featured speaker. Patty has written an acclaimed book called “Rise” on how to advance your career. Patty begins by discussing the concept of thriving at work and in your marketing career. She exclaims that she built her career from entry level positions up to a CEO. If you do things in your work to make yourself happier about what you are doing on a daily basis, you will actually get a better job and deliver more value to your company. You want your work to mean something, so you can feel proud of it. And if you feel proud of your work, you can find satisfaction, meaning, effectiveness, recognition, advancement, and have a life you love outside of work.

Patty goes on to talk about some specific ideas to do differently so you can thrive more in your marketing career.

Do Better—Increase Your Impact

All of us have this little super hero within us. Focus on what you are naturally good at. She laughs and says that this is actually not obvious or easy to do, but the most successful people in any field are the ones that understand their natural talents and have roles that really call out those strengths. She says to stop trying to fix what you aren’t good at and start focusing on what you ARE good at. No one can be good at everything, but a team can be. Play your part to the best of your ability, add in team members that fill the gaps, and you will go far. Another point that Patty emphasized is to be less busy and prioritize. The reward for being a work horse is more work. So work smart and be more impactful.

Look Better—Make Sure You Are Not Invisible

Patty’s next strategy is to make sure you are not invisible. Being invisible simply doesn’t work. Once you make your contribution known, you can start getting opportunities for advancement.  But remember, it’s not about shallow publicity, it is about credibility and how you put yourself forward. And always think about how you can be more relevant to your stakeholders. When you get to talk to your constituencies, you have to translate and change your language to their language to create that hook. If you are a marketing director, speak the language of marketing analytics and metrics so your executives see exactly where you are coming from.

Everyone has a personal brand, whether you know it or not. Your personal brand is defined by other people’s experience with you. Just make sure you are being YOU in a purposeful way. Be visible without being annoying. It’s not about self-promotion; it’s about knowledge and adding value.

Connect Better—Improve your Relationships

The third strategy is learning to improve your relationships. Ask for help! If you don’t know how to do something, ask an expert. Even if you do know how to do something, ask an expert to help you do it better.  And what about networking? People don’t like networking because they don’t like disingenuous chit-chat. But networking isn’t about that. Networking is meeting people you want to meet and have a genuine interest in connecting with. Meet a handful of people each year that fascinate you. And if you are nervous about networking (like some many people are), you can ask 2 great questions to strike up a conversation, “What is your area of expertise?” and “What is the thing you want to learn most from this event?” Remember, give before you need anything, and give more than you take.

New Product Innovations

There is a huge round of applause for Patty’s inspiring keynote. Patty hands the baton back over to Phil as he begins to discuss some truly exciting product updates. He exclaims that his vision for Marketo’s customers is a true platform that is easy, powerful, and complete.  There is a vast sea of products that have been created for the marketer, but they all have different data. Many departments have their platforms, marketing just has a mess of tools. We are changing that. We want Marketo to be the hub that brings it all together.

A Platform Demands Speed

If you are going to have a platform, you have to be fast! How do we make this product faster and meet the needs of our customers? Phil introduces Srini Venkatesan, Senior VP of Products and Engineering at Marketo. Srini has done some amazing things with product speed. Everyone gets excited when Srini announces that SmartLists and marketing automation work flows will be 20x to 100x faster. This functionality will start being rolled out in May.  We are working hard on making every aspect of the product extremely fast.

A Platform for Lifetime Customer Engagement

Next, Phil talks about the importance of lifetime customer engagement.  Now, marketing owns the entire lifecycle, from customer acquisition to customer retention. Customer lifecycle is a huge priority for many companies. This is where we are going and this is where we think the market is going. Marketo is reinventing nurturing in a major way with our new Customer Engagement Module. Phil introduces Cheryl Chavez, Direct of Product Management at Marketo to do a quick demo. She has spent the past year speaking to a lot of customers and prospects on how they are using nurturing and now we are bringing the customer lifecycle to nurturing. The demo looks great and showcases impressive analytics, including how your customers are engaging with your content and when it has been exhausted. This functionality will be available in a couple of months.

A Platform for Integrated Social

What’s more? Last year Marketo announced the world’s first integrated social marketing solution through our acquisition of Crowd Factory. We’ve seen our vision transforming social marketing from being an isolated silo cut off from other marketing channels into a fully integrated marketing process. Phil introduces Raj Rajamani, Director of Product Management at Marketo to walk through a successful social referral program that we have implemented at Marketo where you can forward our demo link to friends and if they become a customer you receive an IPad. The beauty of this? You can create and execute all of your social campaigns from where you live; right in Marketo. So you can have your social campaigns trigger another type of campaign. This functionality is available now.

A Platform for Marketing Planning and Management

Of course behind every great marketing campaign is great planning. Phil excitedly discusses the next big addition to the Marketo platform is an umbrella for all things planning and management such as budgeting. As part of the Marketing Nation we’re always looking for other companies we can work with to innovative faster, so we found a kindred spirit in Allocadia. We are excited to introduce Marketo Financial Management (MFM), which will cover marketing budget planning and activities.

Phil introduces Kristine Steuart, CEO of Allocadia to show what the product will look like. MFM is designed for everyone from the marketing coordinator to the CMO. Marketers can now log in to view their detailed planning and budgeting activities. No more spreadsheets because now you can see plan vs. actual and other important information that will connect you with finance.  This is a very exciting announcement and the functionality is available now.

Find Comfort and Help in the Ecosystem

And just to help you make your life even easier, Phil introduces the new Marketo ecosystem, Launchpoint, a key pillar of the Marketing Nation. Launchpoint is the hub for the world’s most innovative, best-of-breed marketing solutions. We are at over 110 Launchpoint partners and 130 global service and agency partners! Partners are a key element to our strategy to help you become successful by offering a true complete solution. Phil discusses one example in the partnership Marketo has built with Hootsuite and introduces Ryan Holmes, CEO and Cofounder of Hootsuite to discuss our awesome integration that couples social listening and lead data. With this integration you can add all social activity to leads in Marketo. This is the first time there has been a real marriage between social and actual lead activity.

You are a Certified Expert

Because you are in the marketing nation—the place where the best of the best marketers in the world thrive—you want to show and tell the world that you are a citizen! So, we launched the new Marketo Certification.  Phil is excited to announce that we are trying to help all of your companies with the certification program. There have been a ton of people already certified right here at Summit. Congrats to everyone!

You Are Not Alone

When we talk about the Marketing Nation, we aren’t talking about the Marketo nation. We are talking about all of us in the Marketing Nation. Phil excitedly exclaims, “we are a nation of experts and best practices able to share ideas.  We have a huge community with over 30,000 users and our Marketo User Groups are a huge part of the nation and getting bigger and bigger. We have 30 user groups around the world.” We have a great ecosystem of thought leaders, customers, partners, champions, and advocates. Phil then recaps the 5 pillars of the Marketing Nation, customers, Launchpoint partners, service partners and experts, content and thought leadership, and the program exchange.

The room is alive with applause as Phil concludes by thanking our sponsors and customers. Everyone is excited to start attending all of the great keynotes and breakout sessions that we have scheduled. And of course everyone is thrilled to be in the Marketing Nation!

Enjoy Summit and don’t forget to be social! Tweet @marketo and use the hashtag #mus13.