An Editorial Calendar for Facebook? Absolutely.

Social Media Marketing


When I started at Marketo over a year ago, I came into a company that had a very solid social media presence. My job was to optimize and grow that presence with an emphasis on Facebook. The challenge was to keep the immediate audience engaged, add new fans, and create content that would fuel the conversation and make sharing a friction-less experience.

I thought to myself, well we have an editorial calendar for our blog which plans out topics and an overarching theme throughout each quarter, why not apply that same philosophy to our Facebook? The idea here is to base our content loosely around themes so that our fans begin to anticipate weekly postings. By creating this content specifically for Facebook, it’s optimized for viewing and sharing on both desktops and the mobile news feed.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we theme out our Facebook editorial calendar.

We start off the week with Motivational Monday where we take an inspirational quote from a marketing thought leader and turn it into a visual. Tagging them with the phrase, Moments of Marketing Genius Brought to you by Marketo, now our visuals are primed for sharing and engagement carrying along the Marketo name everywhere it goes.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are mini infographic themed days. We find fun and/or interesting stats around marketing and turn them into bold visuals. One stat, one point, one amazingly optimized piece for Facebook. We preface it with a question which leads to engagement and sharing. And again we include the Marketo logo which becomes a branding campaign all its own.

Wednesday is what we like to call the “Hump Day Marketing Joke”. We simply find a fun marketing comic or joke and post it to Facebook. The idea here is to give marketers a laugh and show them that Marketo has a sense of humor.

Friday is our favorite day. There are two rotating themes that we have. One is the “Non B2B Marketing Moment of the Week” (inspired by The Daily Show of course), and the “Friday Photobomb”. Neither one of them has anything to with B2B marketing, and that’s OK  They’re fun, entertaining, and they raise affinity for our next message which will likely be a much more targeted offer or announcement.

Saturdays and Sundays we keep our posting to one or two posts. Since we use promoted posts and sponsored stories, a lot of our content is consistently in the news feed so it’s a great time to take a breather and prepare for the following week’s custom Facebook specific content.

All this may seem a bit silly to the casual B2B marketer, but you have to remember that in the world of B2B marketing, your customers and prospects are not on social to be sold to. Entertain them, tell them a story, give them something to share, help them along the way, and when it comes time for them to purchase, your company will likely be top of mind.

To learn more about marketing with Facebook download The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing.