5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Vine In Your Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing


So what is this Vine phenomenon? If you are a marketer (or anyone on social), you have most likely started to hear a ton of news centered around this cool app. Basically, you can create short, 6 second videos using the iPhone app Vine and then post to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The cool part about Vine is not only can you do a regular video stream, but you can also create a stop motion video tying together split second clips.

The only downside is that this app is available only on Apple products. It is not available on Android or Windows products yet. And as an owner of a Windows phone, I really hope that they expand soon since I have been dreaming about all the fun videos I can make of my 2 dogs!

It seems like everyone has gone vine-crazy, and brands have certainly jumped on board as well. I mean, what is cooler than the ability to make a fun, 6 second video on the fly? We just started playing around with it here at Marketo and it really has been a fun experience trying to figure out what we can make. And rewarding too since you can immediately see the results of your efforts.

So how can you use Vine as part of your content marketing strategy? Check out our 5 tips to get some ideas.

1. Tell a short and compelling story.

What can you do in 6 seconds? Surprisingly a lot. With some creative thinking you can come up with a great story that promotes your brand and shows your brand flair at the same time. I particularly like this video that was created by Twitter. They held an office Vine contest and this video was from the winner. They took their bird mascot on a journey throughout the office. It showed creativity, fun, and a little bit of what it might be like to work at Twitter.




2. Use some office swag for a small dose of branding.

Vine videos are a great way to show off some signature branding. Take some of your swag items from around the office and arrange them in a cool way to create your video. The branding will catch the eye of your followers, but since it is a Vine video, it still has a fun spirit. Take a look at the first Vine video that we created at Marketo. We used our signature purple solo cups and created a cup pyramid against a purple background. And if you know us, you know how much we love purple. Simple but entertaining!




3. Post a video of your live event.

Posting a short video of your live event is a good way to keep your followers up to speed. Whether it is an event you are hosting, or a keynote speaking session, post a video that showcases audience excitement, some key points, or an interesting moment. This is a great add-on to your regular event Tweets as well. Take a look at this video posted by Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud of a session at SXSW. They posted this video along with a quoted takeaway from the speaker.




4. Show your creativity through interesting composition.

This is one of my favorite Vine videos I saw when I was looking for good ones to use for this post. Recently Mashable wrote an article about the breathtaking photos of Murad Osmann as him and his girlfriend travel around the world. This video was put together by @GAggelakis. He took Osmann’s photos and created an interesting composition using Vine. Think of some of the great ways you can use some of your design work and photos in a video.




5. Have fun!

The last tip here is really to just have fun. These videos are so quick and easy to make that there is no reason why you can’t push the limits. They are meant to grab the attention of your followers and show them that you have some flair. So don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Check out this cool video posted by Vogue Paris at the YazBukey fashion presentation. It really shows some great personality.




How has your business used Vine so far? Be sure to check out @Marketo frequently for fresh Vine videos.