The Social Marketer’s Urban Twictionary [Infographic]



Ever wonder how a word gets into the Merriam-Webster dictionary? It’s one of the most popular questions facing their editors on a daily basis. The answer is quite simple actually: usage. Each day these editors devote several hours to scouring published text in search of new words to mark and record new words along with the appropriate context and insight into use and form.

As a social media marketer I hear lots of new buzzwords on a daily basis. While I of course am not a linguist, I thought it would be fun to study a particular group of these social media subcultures. Twitter users are increasingly morphing the english language to describe their Twexperiences (hence the lingo).

Now I cannot promise that you will completely understand or come to master this strange dialect. In fact, you may very well walk away from reading this Infographic one or two IQ points lower from which you started. But what the hell, let’s have some fun and laugh out loud at what I like to call the Marketer’s Urban Twictionary.


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