Here’s How to Tell If You Are Ready for Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


This is an excerpt from our latest comprehensive guide, the 100-page Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation. Download the entire ebook here for free to learn everything you ever wanted to know about marketing automation.

Let’s do an exercise. Raise your hand if your company has the ability to send marketing emails.

I mean it. Don’t just read along – really, raise your hand. This one’s easy. I’ll wait.

OK. Now, keep it raised if your company can easily create new landing pages for each campaign.

Is it still up?

Now keep it raised if your marketing team can set up all the emails for an event before it starts, and let it run ‘lights-out’. No one looking. All parts whirring—and working.

Yes, I know—that one’s a little trickier. Just a few more. I know your arm may be getting tired.

Do you have the ability to look at a list of potential customers and prioritize them based on fit with your business and likelihood to buy? Can you filter leads by level of engagement and interest in your brand?

Is your hand still up?

Last question. Keep your hand raised if you can measure the revenue contribution of each of your marketing programs.

If your arm is still up, you probably already know what marketing automation is and you are using it effectively. Congrats – give yourself a fist pump!

Marketing Automation Readiness Worksheet

Everyone else, use this worksheet to determine if your company is ready to use marketing automation.

For each category, select the appropriate number. If you strongly disagree, choose 1. If you strongly agree, choose 5. The numbers in between 1 and 5 correspond to your level of agreement, neutrality, or disagreement. Tally your score when you’re finished, and follow the instructions at the end.

**This evaluation was based on research from Gleanster.

To interpret your results, tally your score.

  • If you scored > 35, you’re ready for marketing automation.
  • If you scored between 20 – 35, you’re moving in that direction. You should consider getting started with a system very soon.
  • If you scored under 20, you may not be ready quite yet, but perhaps if you can learn more about the technology you can start building a business case

Download the Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation

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  • The future of marketing automation