Four Badass Facebook Advertising Tactics

Social Media Marketing


On February 20th, we’ll be launching the Marketo Marketing Happy Hour Google Hangout Series. Our first guest will be author, keynote speaker, internet marketing and social media strategist Brian Carter. Since we’ll be talking about Facebook advertising, I wanted to follow to my previous post, Does Facebook Work for B2B Marketing,with additional thoughts to take this topic to the next level.

After building a solid case around the importance of Facebook advertising it’s now time to put together the tactics for success. The question that many B2B marketers are struggling is; How do I as a marketer best utilize Facebook ads for success?

That’s a big question, but one that can be answered by those who are on the front line, day in and day out. As I mentioned previously, the importance of trial and error and taking chances in the world of social can be a very long road full of budget explanations and failures. But out of the ashes rise best practices that have come along for the ride. Through much of my own experience here at Marketo I have developed four cardinal rules for Facebook advertising.

The following four tactics have been proven to turn a wimpish Facebook presence into a badass engagement force to be reckoned with.

  • Use Facebook Real Estate Wisely – Number one rule; use the space that Facebook graciously gives you. Turn your tabs into offers and be sure to have your best message pinned to the top of your Facebook page. This is prime real estate and should be optimized with your best content and updated frequently.
  • Your Image is Your Headline – You have mere seconds in the insanely crowded fast paced newsfeed of Facebook. A creative yet optimized image pulls your audience in and gives them a reason to click through. It’s essential to do both, but when using Facebook for lead generation the image is vital. Choose your images wisely and don’t forget to optimize for mobile as well. (403 wide by 271 long for Mobile images)
  • Breaking through EdgeRank – The key here is not to beat Facebook’s mysterious algorithm, but instead understand how to best manage it. There’s a little known fact that text updates get more reach while visual updates get more engagement. I have found that it is optimal to have a good mix of the two, but for lead gen specifically I lean towards big bold images as mentioned above.
  • Tying it back to your offer – At the end of the day if you are not tying your posts back to an offer or a conversion goal, you will be missing opportunities. I have found that the best way to do this is by adding a shortened URL into the messaging around an image of your content, event or offer. The more potent your headline the better. Stop over-thinking your messaging and just say what it does. Think David Ogilvy style of headline writing.

Interested in learning more highly effective tips and tactics for Facebook advertising?

Join us on Wednesday February 20 at 4pm PST as we kickoff the Marketo Marketing Happy Hour Google Hangout Series.  As I mentioned above our first guest will be author, keynote speaker, internet marketing and social media strategist Brian Carter. He is one of my favorite marketers, as well as a successful comedian, and will join me for what is sure to be an entertaining hangout discussing all things Facebook advertising.

Have a question regarding Facebook advertising? Feel free to submit your questions in the comment section below or add them to the Marketing Happy Hour Events page and we will do our best to answer them live during the hangout.