The Rise of Visual Content: 8 Thought Leaders Weigh In

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Visual content is on the rise and taking content marketing to new heights.  In the incredibly fast paced “attention economy” that we live in, people have less time to read text heavy articles and prefer to digest information through eye-catching, visually appealing content. No longer can b2b marketing professionals rely solely on ebooks, whitepapers, and blog posts to spread their message to prospective buyers and customers. Instead they must now provide content in the form of infographics, memes, comics, photos, videos, and visual notetaking to drive engagement. At Marketo, visual content is a huge part of our content marketing strategy and has proven to be a successful medium in driving revenue.

We recently caught up with 8 thought leaders from the world of social and content marketing to get their thoughts on the rise of visual content and where they think it is heading.

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What are your thoughts on the growth in popularity of visuals? Do you think it’s here to stay? For more information on visual content check out our Visual Content Marketing slidedeck!

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