Live Blog DF12: Inspiration from Tony Robbins’ Coaching in the Cloud Keynote

Professional Development


Dreamforce is sadly coming to a close. What an energizing and inspiring week surrounded by the best of the cloud and beyond. Friday’s keynote with Tony Robbins has been highly anticipated, and conference goers have looked forward to his motivational insights all week. Attendees pile into the huge room in Moscone and get psyched for an energetic and engaging session. Tough to really sum up an incredible 4 hours into one blog post, but I will try to pull out some of the key pieces of wisdom that Tony unleashed on the excited Dreamforce crowd.

First, let me say Tony has an incredibly strong presence, even from my seat that seemed at least a mile away from the stage, you could truly feel his energy the minute he came on stage. He tells the audience that the shortest program he does is about 50 hours, but that he has worked hard on summing up some key takeaways from his speeches in the 4 hour slot that he has for Dreamforce.

You have to start by getting energized. Tony wants the crowd to get up, stretch, jump around, scream, you know, really wake up from last night’s party hopping! Energy is the key to changing your state of mind and truly being able to breakthrough to make decisions that will move your life forward. The energy is the room is truly electric from both the presence of Tony Robbins, and the excitement of the week.  And now, here are 5 key pieces of wisdom that I learned from listening to Tony Robbins’ amazing keynote session. Of course, these can be applied to every aspect of your life–both professionally and personally.

1. The common denominator for success is passion, drive, and hunger. For years, Tony has been obsessed with asking the question why people do what they do? What drives people to become successful. He has determined that the people who succeed never lose this passion and people that fail never find it. And it is passion and drive that create peak performance–that heightened energy level that Tony passes onto his crowd in each of his speeches.

2.  There are two major lessons to master in life: science of achievement and art of fulfillment. You need to both understand what it takes to build yourself up to achievement, as well as what it means to be truly happy in whatever it is you are searching for. Tony says, when you succeed and are unhappy you are screwed! There are so many people who have a great level of success but are not fulfilled. So you have to learn how to grow as a person and understand how to be content.

3.  Emotions are the ultimate resource. When you ask someone why they failed, the reason they often give is lack of resources. They have no time, not enough money, lack of education, etc. But truly, it is their lack of resourcefulness that has caused them to failed. Emotions such as creativity, commitment, determination, certainty, and vision are the resources you need to change your life and your state. And it is your state of being that affects everything.

4.  Strategy, story, and state create a breakthrough. To drive yourself to success or to change your present state you need a breakthrough! But what is a breakthrough? It is that moment when you suddenly decide to change your path or to turn it all around. Here are the steps you need to take to get to your breakthrough:

  • A new strategy: If you are doing things a certain way and it doesn’t work, things won’t get better. You probably don’t have the right strategy, and you need to learn the right strategy to get ahead in both business and in your personal life.
  • Your story: You might not be finding the right strategy because you are relying on your story–your tape. The truth will set you free, so stop blaming your faults on other people. Get out of your own head! Ask yourself if your story is empowering or dis-empowering.
  • Your state: A change in your state will change your story. State are often triggered by the outside world of events that happen. When you take control of your state, your world changes.  Ask yourself, what am I going to focus on? What does something mean to me? What am I going to do?

5.  Your deepest pain is your greatest gift if you figure out how to use it. Rise above whatever it is that is ailing you! Many people succeed despite what has happened in their lives based on their ability to control their mental state and turn negatives into positives. What are the triggers that shape who you are? Identify them and make them work for you!

Just a few profound points that stuck out in my mind from Tony’s great keynote. Throughout the 4 hours he had the crowd moving, yelling, jumping around, and actively changing their state. Pretty amazing and a truly perfect end to all of the inspirations of a conference like Dreamforce. Whether you are in b2b marketing, sales, social media, customer service, development, and any other line of work, these words ring true. Thanks for the motivation Tony!

What was your favorite part of Dreamforce? We would love to hear.