Live Blog DF12: Building a Business Case for Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


It has been a packed day here at Moscone. So much excitement! People doing work on the bean bag chairs throughout the conference, listening to the bands on the makeshift green that Salesforce has created on Howard St, and hustling to get to the many sessions.  Marketo is on our second session of the day. In addition to The Social Enterprise being one of the prominent messages throughout the conference, there is also a lot of discussion around The Marketing Cloud and what that means to Salesforce customers. To provide some clarity around the topic of how you can leverage marketing automation, Marketo created a session called Building a Business Case for Marketing Automation, featuring Marketo’s VP of Marketing Content and Strategy, Jon Miller, and VP of WW Field Marketing at Fluke Networks, Chris Roeckl.

Jon opens by defining marketing automation as a technology that streamlines marketing tasks so companies can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. He even shows a video from I Love Lucy to illustrate what happens when you can’t keep up as your business grows. Lots of laughter from the audience.

Jon explains what the core benefits of marketing automation are and how you can leverage them to build your business case:

  • Save money and time: Streamline and automate repeatable processes, do it yourself, simplify approvals, ensure compliance, and fewer spreadsheets
  • Measure and optimize marketing investments:  Demonstrate impact on funnel, prove marketing ROI, measure/test/optimize, system of record
  • Faster revenue growth:  Focus on the right prospects, develop relationships until buyer is ready, engage at the right time, scale personalized interactions

Jon then goes into detailed explanations of additional costs and considerations to think about when creating your case–of course the higher your company is on the marketing maturity curve the more you should consider these additional costs such as training, staffing, etc.

Up next is Chris Roeckl VP WW Field Marketing and Fluke Networks to explain his experiences leveraging marketing automation and how he built a business case. Here are some takeaways from his portion of the session:

  • Consolidation: Chris wanted to build a business case using consolidation as one of his top initiatives–Salesforce and Marketo–one team focused on one system
  • Global:  De-centralize marketing activity and distribute it so that creative was more global and not limited to the US
  • 20% improvement rate in 2013 and decreased cost by 100k by investing in marketing automation
  • Proving ROI is not about feel good campaigns, it is about taking dollars, putting them in the right place, and understanding the results of your efforts
  • Details matter when you are proving your case! Listen, align/re-align, operationalize, results, quota

And remember, shift from doing things that sort of make sense to contributing to a specific number. Chris also mentions that at Fluke Networks, they have incentivized their staff and have had a lot of success with that.

Now you will be able to create a better case for marketing automation in your organization. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Changing buyer behavior requires new marketing techniques and technologies
  • Marketing automation is much more than email
  • Business case for marketing automation: saves money, measures marketing ROI, and drives revenue growth
  • Maturity matters: the more you put into marketing automation the more you get out of it
  • Sales alignment is critical for success
  • Dream big, start small, get fast results, build from there

Great and compelling information for those researching marketing automation solutions. And because at Marketo we love visual content, check out our great visual note-taking to see some more key points:

Be sure that you check out our other Dreamforce sessions for the rest of the week! So much great stuff to look forward to. And remember to keep tabs on our blog as we will be live blogging all week.