Live Blog DF12: Accelerate Word of Mouth Marketing with Social Media Promotions, Referral, and Engagement Campaigns

Social Media Marketing


We are now into the second day of Dreamforce! You can feel the energy in the streets as Salesforce has officially taken over San Francisco. Some highlights so far have been the great sessions, the inspiring keynote this morning, the energetic Howard St. lawn, and of course the hustle and bustle of the expo hall.  Plus, last night was our Masterpieces Marketing and Sales Party of the Year at the SF MOMA. What a fantastic night of delicious food and networking.

Our highly anticipated Thursday session features Marketo’s CMO, Sanjay Dholakia and Michele Edelman, VP of Consumer Marketing at Warner Brothers Digital Distribution. As The Social Enterprise continues to be a key theme for this year’s Dreamforce, marketers are flocking to sessions that provide best practices for how to make every campaign a social success.

Recently we released our new Definitive Guide to Social Marketing, an 80 page how-to guide for all things social, and our session Accelerate Word of Mouth Marketing With Social Media Promotions, Referral, and Engagement Campaigns will provide insights on how to consistently amplify your social media reach and effectiveness.  Both Sanjay and Michele will provide real-world examples of how to create highly effective social campaigns.  The audience is looking forward to learning how Warner Brothers used Marketo Social Marketing to spread social sharing with some of their hit movies like Wedding Crashers.

Michele opens by pointing out some of Warner Brothers successes with social media. They have 390 Facebook pages with over 455 million fans. Very impressive numbers. In fact, Michele shares that every minute of every hour someone “likes” Warner Brothers. And Michele attributes their social successes to peer-to-peer social sharing and creating compelling content that engages their audience. An example Michele shared was Harry Potter and it’s success on social media. They created a video with the actors that thanked their fans and posted it on social media. The video had 600,000 likes and over 1 million engagements. The power of social is truly impressive!

Michele then turns it over to Sanjay to go behind the scenes and discuss some campaign specifics and best practices. Sanjay shares a compelling stat—people are spending ¼ of their time online on social networks. And what is more? Social has become even more popular than porn! Who knew? To frame his discussion about social and how to leverage it in your organization, he shares the following key points:

  • Social is the Ying to your content marketing Yang. Create killer content to go out and amplify your reach. Enable your audience to carry your content, but remember, your content still has to be good.
  • Use social apps to create compelling reasons to engage and share. By employing sweepstakes, voting, and other engagement techniques, your audience feels closer to the content.
  • Create engagement to motivate sharing. What makes people share? Keep in mind reputation, access to something exclusive, co-creation, competition, and altruism as you create your campaigns.
  • Make every campaign social. Create an opportunity for them to engage and think about the social aspect to each campaign that you run.
  • Identify your key advocates. Make sure you know who is sharing your message.

Very helpful points to keep in mind as you create your peer-to-peer sharing campaigns. And then to sum it all up, here is the payoff:

  • Amplified reach from all existing marketing
  • Deeper engagement and advocacy with prospects and customers
  • A bigger database, new customers, revenue

Remember, it isn’t why should you do social it is why SHOULDN’T you do social!  Of course our fantastic visual note-taker has been hard at working during this session. Check out the key takeaways in visual form!

Be sure that you check out our other Dreamforce sessions for the rest of the week! So much great stuff to look forward to. And remember to keep tabs on our blog as we will be live blogging all week.