Centralize your Social Media Strategy: 6 Steps to Creating a Social Media Governance Board

Social Media Marketing


If you are from the IT world, you may have heard the concept of creating an IT governance board. However, this is a concept that can easily translate to other aspects of your business, particularly social media. Everyone is jumping on the social bandwagon. But, many marketers don’t know how to proceed or how to organize their efforts. A social media governance board can help you centralize your  social media strategy by assigning a key team of stakeholders to meet on a regular basis to discuss ongoing social innovation, social themes, measurement criteria, employee training, and other important items.

1) Determine who will serve on your social media governance board
Your governance board should be made up of various stakeholders throughout your organization that have an interest in your social media strategy. Your board can meet on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on how you envision your strategy to be built out. Consider including executives, directors, content managers, social media team members, internal Subject Matter Experts, and a few “digital natives” who have interest in social media (it is OK if they are not on your marketing team). What you are looking for is a mix of people who can both determine strategic direction and can be internal evangelists. But remember, not everyone who has a stake in social media will be on your board, just key people.

2) Develop a governance board charter
Once you have determined who will serve on your board, set up a first meeting to determine what the goals and structure of your board will be. The output of this meeting will serve as your charter. You will want to discuss roles and responsibilities, meeting cadence, and what the goals of your board will be. By having an initial meeting to determine key definitions, you can pave the way for increased productivity through having specific goals in place.

3) Define your strategic social media goals
One of the first projects that your governance board will work on is determining high-level strategic social media goals, timelines, and marketing ROI measurements. This is not the time to actually create the detailed social media plan, instead, this is more of a proof-of-concept where your board has a chance to identify where your organization is socially, and where it is going. Create an abstract, or manifesto that you can share to the rest of your social media teams.

4) Define project stages
There are many nuances and stages to social media marketing. Your company may have just begun to develop your Facebook and Twitter presence, while other companies may be leveraging more advanced techniques.  Set a baseline of where you are now and set goals for where you will want to be in stages. It might be easiest to break up your project stages in quarters. An example would be if your marketing team focuses on building out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ in the first quarter , and then focuses on blog commenting and building influencer relationships in the second quarter.

5) Communicate goals and train staff
It is the board’s job to communicate your goals and guidelines to both the rest of your social team and your employees. Remember, not everyone who will be executing social campaigns will be on your board, so make sure that you schedule a meeting with them to go over project stages and goals. Once your team is ready and understands what their roles are, it is time to get your message out to the rest of the company. This can take place during a formal social media training day or even a social media microsite. Just make sure that participation rules are clear and that your employees know where to go to get updates.

6) Make sure to schedule a regular meeting cadence
It will be imperative that your governance board meet on a regular basis and that you remain consistent with the meeting agenda. Monthly meetings are great as you can go through month-to-month progress and iterate if necessary. That way, if something isn’t working quite right, you can adjust immediately.

Your social media governance board will help you come together to create common social media goals. Download our Social Media Template and come to your first meeting prepared!