5 Ways to Optimize Email for Mobile Devices

Email Marketing


Today’s fast paced business culture is more fluid and mobile than ever before, and as a result a large number of emails get checked on a mobile device or tablet. In fact, the Radicati Group estimates that by 2016 over 730 million accounts will be accessed from mobile devices. That is a LOT of email being looked at and responded to via mobile phone–so it is probably safe to assume that your customers and prospects are all checking email while on the go. And that means it is imperative that you make sure your email marketing correspondence can easily be viewed on every type of device.

From our newly updated mobile email marketing white paper, here are our top 5 tips that you can utilize to ensure that your emails are optimized for all mobile devices:

1) Keep your subject lines short.

You have limited surface area on a mobile phone and you want to make sure your subject line has the maximum impact, despite the small space. In order to do so, you should limit your subject lines to 15 characters or under. Also, the most relevant and exciting information should be in the first half of the subject line so that your reader is more enticed to open your email.

2) Always check and edit the text version of your email.

You want your recipient to view your email no matter what device they are on. Although many smartphones can read an HTML email, you want to make sure you cover all of your bases for those that can only read text. You can do this by double checking your text version. In Marketo and most marketing automation applications, you are provided both a text and an HTML email. Simply go into the text version and edit it so that all links are clear and that images are replaced with text.

3) Keep your body content concise.

This is pretty much a good rule of thumb for all B2B email communication and email deliverability, but it is even more appropriate for mobile emails. Remember that a mobile email reader is likely on the go, so they will merely skim the email for relevant details. If they are having to continuously scroll through the message to get to your point, the chances they will stop reading your email are much greater. Make sure you have all of your important information up front and use bullets, which are great to break up content.

4) Limit your design and pay attention to size.

To make sure all emails are viewable on mobile devices and tablets, a good rule of thumb is to stay between 500-600px wide. Also keep in mind that some phones, like Blackberrys, have an even more limited display at 320px wide. Try and keep this in mind when designing your emails. Additionally, pay attention to the amount of graphics that you include in your email. Remember, on a mobile device graphics can come through as links or blank space and the recipient has a better chance of deleting the message before they even start reading.

5) Make your call to actions clear!

Mobile emails should be short and have limited design, so keep your call to action placement in mind and ensure that it is very easy to follow. If it is clicking through to a landing page, you want make sure the page is also viewable on a mobile device. Another good rule of thumb is to remove any JavaScript, Flash, and pop-ups from the email or landing page, so you have a better chance of everything translating properly.

So many people access their emails on mobile devices and tablets, so you want to keep this in mind when creating your emails. Check out our whitepaper on B2B Mobile Email Marketing to find out some more tips!