You have a Voice in the Marketo Community…USE IT!

Product and Industry


If you are like me, new to the world of online communities and engagement tactics, you may be wondering, “What is the importance of joining one? What is the point of posting discussion threads and encouraging engagement from others?”. And more importantly, “Is it worth my time to vote on articles and ideas, and if so, why?”. These are all questions I’ve been thinking about in my first few months here at Marketo as Community Manager, and wow have I learned a lot!

Since its creation in December 2010, the Marketo Community (re-visit the week-long birthday celebration from December) has flourished. It has become a hub for customer discussions and ideas, upcoming events, press releases, and also a source for B2B marketing learning tools such as detailed articles, marketing automation webinars, and tutorials. However, the best part of the Marketo community is that it is “for our customers, by our customers”.

Did you know that 92 product ideas from our customers have been completed, and more than 50 are in progress? This is a prime example of the impact customers’ ideas have, and leads to my point that YOU, the customer, are the lifeline of our success, and without you, we have neither a product nor a community.

If you haven’t been on the community in a while, or you’ve lost touch, this is the time to get back on that horse. I encourage you to ask questions, answer questions, post ideas, and take a look at our Knowledge Based articles and University.  Once in a while we even throw in fun contests so we can reward you for your participation and hard work, and of course, give you cool prizes. I have BIG plans for the community in 2012 including new features and a new design, so please join me in being a game changer in the lives of others!