LinkedIn Acquires Slideshare: Five Predictions for What’s to Follow

Social Media Marketing


It’s like peanut butter and chocolate for the B2B Marketing professional. The announcement of LinkedIn acquiring Slideshare has all the characteristics to make an incredibly enticing pairing. A combined estimated 136 million monthly unique visitors now aligning 9 million content uploads with 161 million members; this incredibly exciting news opens up a whole new world of possibilities for B2B marketers.

Knowing that they have already announced a few of their plans, including using presentations to strengthen your professional identity and making it easier to spread and discover professional knowledge, I have been thinking much further down the road. With an optimistic wishlist and no crystal ball in hand here are five predictions I have for this soon-to-be-integrated platform.

  • Slideshare has an app for showcasing presentations on a personal profile; I predict it’s coming to business profiles as well very soon.
  • Slideshare is already a fantastic tool for lead generation, but now it will be a frictionless experience to download a presentation using your LinkedIn profile to identify yourself.
  • Having LinkedIn verify your identity when downloading Slideshare presentations will greatly increase the quality and quantity of the leads generated from presentations.
  • Since you can already host private, members-only presentations, is there a collaboration tool in the works within LinkedIn? How about private online interviews and mini-conferences?
  • A Slideshare channel is a great way to get inbound links, now those links will have a bit more juice behind them thanks to LinkedIn.

Marketo is a big advocate of both platforms and Slideshare has always been an essential part of our overall B2B content marketing strategy. Working with Column Five media, we created a slide presentation called “How to Build a Better Inbound Marketing Machine”. In just over four weeks our presentation had over 133, 000 views and hundreds of shares across the socialsphere.

What are your predictions for LinkedIn and Slideshare? What implications do you think this will have for B2B marketers?