Opening Keynotes Inform & Inspire at Marketo Summit 2012 (Live Blog)

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Marketo User Summit has officially kicked off! 1,400 attendees file into the Grand Ballroom at the Hilton to hear our first keynote speakers–Marketo CEO, Phil Fernandez, former Cisco CMO and Marketo board member Sue Bostrom, Debbie Qaqish from the Pedowitz Group, and Alexandre Pelletier from Aquisio.

Before the presentation, live Tweets are flashing across the large monitors on stage showcasing the social conversations around #mus12. Clearly, social is a major theme of this year’s Summit, which will be echoed throughout the keynote presentations.

Phil opens, “it’s a brave new world, you gotta be on your toes. Now is a critical moment, and we want to give you a roadmap. Business reality has shifted, and as marketers, you have to keep pace with changes”. Phil impresses upon the audience that there is a new buyer paradigm–and the buyer is in control. Social media has created a revolution and marketing needs to get on board! The social enterprise changes the way we work and changes how we listen to our brands.

The big announcement during Phil’s keynote is Marketo’s introduction of a new set of product tools to help marketers engage in social media–something marketers have been pining for. Marketo is now a Social Marketing Automation company.  Our new social suite will include a whole new power of tools to help with your social lift:

A few other feature announcement: You can now rename ANYTHING in Marketo–not just folders! **Applause**.  Thanks Phil!!

Sue Bostrom is up next–former VP of Cisco and named one of the 50 most powerful women in business by Forbes. Currently, she is a member of Marketo’s board of directors. Sue brings up some really interesting points in her powerful and inspiring keynote speech.

She started out in marketing in the 80s–which was essentially a technological wasteland. Technology has rapidly advanced, however marketing has stayed relatively the same for a long time. It has really only been within the past few years that marketing has truly evolved. It is a marketing revolution, and finally marketers have the opportunity to sit at the table! Now marketing can automate, translate, and change how a company and organization generate revenue. Sue has been waiting 30 years for this transformation.

Sue goes on to tell the audience about her experiences at Cisco and how she was able to overcome the glass ceiling of being a female executive, and gave the audience the following advice:

  • Have your “catchers” call more pitches–from tactics to programs to big bets. Do less, do it better, and make sure that your teams help you call what pitches to be catching
  • Make new “best friends” in sales and IT–from siloed to aligned to integrated
  • Learn the language of the C-suite–from metrics to impacts to results
  • Marketers need to defend resources and ask for more
  • Women marketers be results oriented and adaptable!
  • Find a career that fulfills you, challenges you and forces you to innovate. And don’t give up

Big applause for Phil and Sue–and definitely lots of action going on via Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Lee Odden @LeeOdden

Photo courtesy of Adam Helweh @secretsushi

The final keynote of the morning is Debbie Qaqish from Pedowitz group and Alexandre Pelletier from Acquisio. Keeping with the theme of transformation, Debbie discusses what she calls the Revenue Marketing 6 to transform your marketing organization and bring it to the next level. To guide the audience through the process, Debbie and Alexandre designed an interactive survey for the audience–built on the Marketo platform! She defines the RM6 as:

  • Strategy
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Content

We are to go through her survey, answer questions about our marketing organizations, and then we get an immediate assessment and recommendations for improvement.  After you complete the assessment, the final survey results will be emailed to you and you can share it on various social networks.

The morning keynotes were a HUGE success and a great kickoff to the conference.  Everyone is feeling energized and ready to dive into all of the great sessions.  Stay tuned for more live blogging and remember to tweet your updates at #mus12!