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Jay Baer Debunks 7 Social Media Myths At Marketo Summit (Live Blog)


We are halfway through our first day at Marketo User Summit. So many new and exciting ideas have already been presented! My head is spinning. We are about to sit down for lunch while listening to Jay Baer, social media strategist, blogger and author of The Now Revolution kick off the afternoon. I am very much looking forward to the afternoon sessions.

Jay opens with his presentation on “The 7 Myths of Social Media”. You can feel the energy in the room as B2B social media is on the hot list for every enterprise marketer. With the consumerization of IT and customers becoming social, it is imperative that B2B companies begin to engage. So what are the 7 myths that hold B2B companies back? Take it away Jay!

Myth #1: My customers don’t use social media.

Actually, they do. In fact, 81% of adults use social media, and many of them are on these networks for business purposes.  In fact, there are more people on Facebook than not on Facebook.

Myth #2: Social media isn’t worth the trouble for B2B.

Even as business leaders, social media has become a huge part of our lives. Jay reports that 86% of business technology decision makers use social media for work! That means your target audience is looking to social media to help make business decisions.  In fact, customers exposed to a brand in the social space are 2.8x more likely to search for it down the road.

Myth #3: How B2C uses social doesn’t apply.

Think again. You can take a lot of cues from how B2C companies engage with your customers. If you have customers, prospects, and employees you can build relationships through social media. Always tell your customers a story, focus on the pain points, and let them relate to you in an emotional way.

Myth#4: If nobody tweets about us, we don’t need social media.

Do you know if anyone is tweeting about you? Start listening! These are great ways to engage with your target market. The more you nurture your leads through social media, the more loyalty they will feel towards your brand.

Myth#5: Having a “page” = having a social strategy.

You need to do more than create a page on Linkedin or Facebook. You don’t get credit in social media by just showing up.

Myth#6: Social is just about marketing.

Social media touches all sides of the business. People post reviews whether you like it or not, and every customer is a reporter. 70% of customers complaints on Twitter go unanswered. Connect with your customer service team and have them lend a hand.

Myth#7: Social media isn’t measurable.

Many B2B marketers don’t know what to measure or what the data means. Measure social engagement and track behaviors not eyeballs.

Great stats in Jay’s presentation. The conversations are definitely buzzing with how to become more social. Stay tuned for more live blogging and remember to tweet your updates at #mus12!