Create Order From Chaos – A Simple Naming Convention for Your Marketo Programs

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I’m pleased to welcome Stephanie Worthington, Director of Corporate Marketing at Coraid, as a guest blogger. Stephanie is an accomplished marketing executive with a proven track record of B2B marketing programs and strategies. We are excited to welcome her with a fantastic tip for fellow Marketo users.

A simple thing you can do to create order from chaos in your Marketo Activities Folder is to come up with a naming convention.  This will provide organization and considerably shorten the amount of time it will take you to find a program, asset or campaign.  I won’t go into great detail about my entire convention, but one really useful tip is to categorically number your forms, emails, landing pages and campaigns.  Here’s a screenshot of how we name/number our webinar program:



I started with forms at the top and assigned them the 100 category.  Emails are next with the 200 category, followed by landing pages beginning with 300 and finally campaigns at 400.  By spacing the numbers apart by 10, it allows me to add an additional asset at a later time in a specific order.  For example, after running this program, you might later decide to send another round of invitations to your channel partners.  You can easily add in program “405 Send Webinar Invite and Reminder to Partners”. Having a naming convention also makes it a lot easier to update programs after we clone them – especially when it comes to webinars.

The time it takes for your team to think of how to set this up for your company and then implement it will be well worth the effort.

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