Lead Generation: How Do You Balance Quantity with Quality?

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We welcome Leslie Griffey, Marketing Content Manager at Xactly Corporation, as a guest blogger.

Finding new leads, leads that haven’t yet found you, and preparing them for sales is tough work. Rewarding people to do it well is even trickier business. A good lead generation team keeps your sales team fed and focused on closing deals. It fills your pipeline, creating a steady revenue stream. The lead generation team members develop unique skills and learn how to carefully track leads to pass only the best to sales.

It’s a job with two objectives, right? Pass lots of leads to sales. Pass quality leads to sales. This is where the rewards get tricky.

Since the goal of lead generation is to bring in new leads, you want to reward prospectors who do that. But it doesn’t work to only reward for the number of leads. A prospector who isn’t focused on the final process (sale!) may bring in great volume of poor quality leads.

In the end that will waste sales executives’ time, force the company to pay out when it isn’t receiving revenue and drag down the sales process.

So how do you motivate prospectors to do two things at once?

Join Xactly, Marketo’s SVP of Sales Bill Binch and Aaron Ross, who helped Saleforce.com create its prospecting team, to learn how to motivate this hybrid team that is crucial to feeding your pipeline.
We’ll help you learn:

  • What good prospecting looks like
  • Which leads to qualify
  • And how to reward self-managing teams.

Join us for a-day-in-the-life of a successful prospector and see a sample incentive plan.

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