Social Media Marketing

Hey Marketers, Need a Custom Facebook Cover Photo? We Got You Covered!


Facebook timeline cover photos for business are all the rage this week, but what about the marketers behind these businesses? We thought it would be fun to create custom Facebook cover photos for all the marketers out there who love what they do and want to show the world.

Here are 10 ready made cover photos to choose from that will surely jazz up your Facebook profile. Simply choose your favorite cover photo, right click, choose save as, then upload it to your page. It’s designed to fit perfectly.

The Revenue Rockstar (Right click, save as)

Marketing Rockstar Amplifier (Right click, save as)

The Sales and Revenue Soundboard (Right click, save as)

Marketing Rockstar Bling (Right click, save as)

Marketing Ninja (Right click, save as)

Engage Your Network

I Kick A$$ (Right click, save as)

Talk to the Handle (Right click, save as)

Daytime Marketer (Right click, save as)

Juicy Marketoure (Right click, save as)

Which one is your favorite? Have any suggestions for additional cover photos?