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Where did all the purple go? A ‘brand’ new B2B marketing site for


This week Marketo launched a redesigned website that could not be more deliciously different from its previous site – and frankly, from any other B2B marketing site today.  Today’s effort is not just a pretty new face for Marketo. It signifies a new era in design vocabulary for Marketo and is just the first step, albeit a grand one, in a plan to overhaul the external design effort for the entire company.

So, where did all the purple go?  Don’t get us wrong—Purple is still the core brand identifier for Marketo.  It’s not gone; we’ve simply opted for a cleaner page with more white space (or negative space as the design community thinks of it) and provided a platform for us to tell our story in a more meaningful way.  Marketo software is known for its ease of use, so we owed it to ourselves to apply this thinking to our most visible marketing asset.

We feel this bold and exciting new web presence better represents the type of forward thinking company we are.

Here are some of the milestones we crossed to get to where we are today:

  •  In June of 2011 we engaged 1185 Design in Palo Alto as our design agency who came up with the radical new home page concept.
  • The design process took 2 months, with three review cycles.
  •  In August, we switched gears to launch our sub-brand, Spark by Marketo – that site went live on October 11.
  • In mid-October, we resumed work on the main site and handed off the final design files to our programming team at Flickerbox in San Francisco.
  •  Due to the innovative nature of the home page and the depth of the thought leadership library on the site, programming took three months, including an alpha, beta, and final review period.
  • In January, working with the Executive Staff, we looked more closely at specific user experience elements and made refinements in several areas.
  • Today’s launch comes seven months since the first meeting with the design team.

Depending on where you are with your site’s complexity, company size, politics, resources, and budget, seven months to redesign a site will either feel like an eternity or rather speedy.   No redesign I’ve ever been involved with is ever done hastily.   With or without enterprise content management systems, the process just takes time to get it right.  As marketers, it’s our job to make sure we put our best foot forward on all aspects of the site, especially when giving life to an entirely new home page experience.  This means we sometimes have to refine for perfection and accept that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

In these first few weeks, we’ll closely monitor the site analytics and our SEO strategies making subtle or major adjustments based on the data we collect.  And in the next few months, we’ll be developing and rolling out global websites, another first for Marketo.

Please explore this amazing new site and let us know what you think!