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Marketing Can Make You Crazy: Valentine’s Day Edition


Being a good B2B marketer means driving sales and engaging customers all while building meaningful relationships. Because of this inherit trait, one would think that marketers are big fans of creatively celerating Valentine’s Day. But what happens when you mix work with your Valentine’s Day messaging? Hilarity ensues.

We asked Marketo employees to caption the photo below by completing the phrase “You Know You’re in Marketing When…” with a funny Valentine theme. The results were too good not to share. Here are the top 12 responses in no particular order.

“You Know You’re in Marketing When…”


…Candy wasn’t your first choice but it tested better than flowers.


…You wait until your girlfriend’s lead score is above qualified threshold before you decide to propose.


…You Refer to a Blind Date as “Anonymous Lead”


…You ask creative agencies to submit ideas for your Valentine’s day card.


…You track online dating success in terms of conversation rates.


…You ask people to participate in your Pay Per Kiss campaign.


…You use candy hearts as “date schwag”


…You met the love of your life at Dreamforce and she was referred by a friend.


…Your valentine’s day card looks more like a whitepaper.


…When you are happy with a 5% click through rate on your Valentine card.


…You surprise your crush by converting from an Anonymous to a Known Valentine.


…Your Valentine card includes an infographic, #ValentineHashtag, QR Code and a call to action.

This is an extension of our new 0utbound marketing campaign; “Marketing can make you crazy. We can help.” It’s a fun look at how Marketo helps marketers manage demand generation campaigns, generate quality sales leads, and keep their sanity in check.

Which caption is your favorite? Have one to add? We invite you to submit your own caption in the comments section below.