Cracking the RPM Code: A Look at Our Customers’ Growth

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Everyone here at Marketo was pretty pumped when we announced our record-breaking results for 2011. But, what our team was most excited about was the growing list of Marketo customers – 1600 strong, from global enterprises to young companies – that have achieved unparalleled revenue performance and growth by embracing Revenue Performance Management (RPM).

In contrast to the raging success that’s leading to Facebook’s imminent IPO, many companies are still struggling to achieve their goals – RPM is a great way to get there.

We recently analyzed Marketo’s customers’ year-over-year gains in creating sales leads and efficiencies through marketing automation.  We found that their average number of opportunities had increased by over 30 percent, while their leads under management grew by a whopping 250 percent.  Revenue growth is a numbers game – the more you have, the more you grow. Plain and simple.

Behind the numbers are a lot of great stories.  I wanted to introduce you to one of what we call “Revenue Revolutionaries” – Zuora.

‘Subscription Economy’ Innovator Propels Growth with RPM

Zuora, widely recognized as one of the fastest growing Silicon Valley companies, has pioneered a new way for businesses to launch and monetize any type of subscription service. Zuora has been an early adopter of RPM as a primary driver of its business growth and market leadership.

To meet their ambitious revenue goals, Zuora’s marketing and sales team needed an RPM platform to fully integrate marketing and sales processes. They wanted to establish their company’s visibility in the sales funnel, drive campaigns and content to target prospects, and based on responses, allow their sales professionals to focus on the highest probability leads that would convert into sales opportunities.


With its RPM-driven sales and marketing solution in place, Zuora is able to manage every stage of its revenue cycle, and to focus its sales and marketing efforts on those prospects and opportunities that deliver the greatest revenue.

The ultimate proof is in Zuora’s growth. In four years, Zuora has created the Subscription Economy giving businesses a new way to launch, grow and monetize any type of subscription service. By using RPM to build a higher-powered revenue engine, Zuora has optimized its entire sales and marketing process, resulting in the company quadrupling in size and revenues, expanding internationally into Europe, and raising more than $82M from prominent investors to capitalize on a massive market opportunity.

“Revenue Performance Management empowers companies to transform their sales and marketing processes and achieve truly breakout revenue results,” said Jeff Yoshimura, Vice President of Marketing at Zuora.

Companies like Zuora are proof positive that Revenue Performance Management works. RPM is having a profound effect on corporations’ ability to grow more revenue, more predictably, and more profitably.

So, what are you waiting for? In 2012, RPM is ready to drive the same positive revenue results for you.