Alex Pelletier of Acquisio Answers Your Inbound Marketing Questions

Demand Generation


On Tuesday, February 7th, Alex Pelletier, Director of Marketing at Acquisio, co-hosted a webinar with our Senior Director of Marketing, Maria Pergolino on multiplying the effects of inbound marketing. There were some leftover questions at the end of the webinar, and we promised we’d answer them. So here is further Q&A with Alex…

What is the difference between prospects and leads? Aren’t they the same?

No. We use different terminology on purpose to make sure everyone understands exactly who we are talking about. For Acquisio, a prospect appears earlier in the marketing funnel. They are usually people who have downloaded a white paper or an ebook from our website but done nothing else. A lead, on the other hand, is someone that is pre-qualified by our Sales Development Team and ready to be assigned to a Sales Rep.

Do you have a different nurturing program for prospects entering your database through webinars and prospects coming in through trade shows?

Not at the moment. We would like to, but we are lacking the resources. Currently, we do have different tracks to nurture leads based on the stage they are in the marketing funnel and on their buying persona.

What is an appropriate length of time to try inbound marketing before evaluating whether or not it works?

Inbound marketing has been proven to work. However, you must use additional marketing channels to get the most out of your inbound marketing efforts. When analyzing whether a particular inbound program works or not, you will need to do a few trials. Develop a baseline and test different things with each trial, such as the type of content, the media used or other variables. Over time, you can figure out what works best.

How are you measuring the direct impact of the trade shows? How can you see the correlation between trade shows and other marketing efforts?

We measure the number of leads we get from booth scans at trade shows. We convert leads from trade shows at a higher rate than leads that we get solely through online channels. However, that does not drive down the cost – trade shows are expensive! We split the cost of trade shows between our lead generation and branding budgets. We recognize that trade show exposure may not translate into leads but they do have an impact on brand awareness. By splitting the cost between budgets, we get a more realistic cost per conversion on the lead generation side of the equation.

Do you recommend using QR codes for driving leads?

Yes, but only if you have the ability to optimize mobile content. If you drive traffic from a QR code to your home page and the prospect must zoom in 25 times in order to read your page, it will not work. You will want to optimize your landing page for a mobile browser. Because we don’t have mobile pages yet, we send QR scans to a YouTube video. The video starts automatically, providing a great user experience.

Special thanks to Alex for making sure every question received an answer. You can check out the entire webinar on YouTube: Amplify Your Impact: How to Multiply the Effects of Your Inbound Marketing Program.