The Anatomy of a Perfect B2B Marketing Dashboard [Infographic]

Marketing Metrics


Do you have a good B2B marketing dashboard in place?

Your B2B marketing campaigns and programs generate a huge amount of data, and dashboards are perhaps the best way to visualize, understand, and provide insight into their performance.

In order to create the perfect B2B marketing dashboard, you need to determine the right number of metrics to best understand what is really going on with your data. Doing so will quickly provide relevant information so that marketing goals are kept in view and businesses can take action making better educated decisions.

To assist you in creating the best B2B marketing dashboards for your organization, we have prepared this guide.


Thanks to The Lenskold Group for the inspiration for parts of this dashboard.

For more information about creating effective marketing dashboards and choosing the right metrics, download Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics. A 70 page guide offering best practices and techniques for harnessing data to not only prove, but improve ROI.

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