The Art of Guest Posting: 7 Tips to Writing a Successful Pitch

Content Marketing


You’ve seen guest authors on other blogs, and appearing as a guest writer can increase a post’s marketing effectiveness. But how do you go about asking?

That’s where a pitch letter comes in. Similar to how a cover letter complements a resume, the purpose of a pitch letter is to attract a blogger or other publisher’s interest to your blog post. Pitch letters don’t need to be complex or verbose, but the most successful ones entice bloggers into wanting to learn more about what you have to say.

What should you include in a pitch letter for the maximum marketing effectiveness for your guest blog post idea? Follow these guidelines.

  1. Determine your target. Find respected, well-connected bloggers that write on subjects related to your topic. It doesn’t make any sense to pitch your post about beauty tips to a blogger that focuses on do-it-yourself home repair.
  2. Get to the point. Don’t “bury the lead.” In the first sentence, hook the reader. Then, don’t bore them by going on and on about it, your post should speak for itself. If your e-mail has more than 10 full lines of text, you’re asking for it to not be read in its entirety.
  3. Answer the major questions. Just like a news story, address the who, what, when, where, how and why this story is worth consideration. Any blogger you address has a specific audience to keep in mind. Why will their readers care? Having a compelling answer to this can make or break your chances of guest posting.
  4. Connect the dots. State if the blog or blogger has covered similar subjects in the past and describe what additional information your story offers to readers or what makes it different. Convey to your contact why it’s a story worthy of being pursued.
  5. Stroke their ego. Not all bloggers are the same. Increase your marketing effectiveness by crafting your pitch letters to inform each individual contact about how your story idea is relevant to their readers. Customizing your pitch letters will increase the chances of guest posting.
  6. Check the basics. Before sending your pitch letter, check it for spelling and grammar errors. Ensure your sentences are clear and concise, that names are spelled properly and punctuation is in place. Don’t use an abundance of formatting, such as bolding, caps lock or hyperlinks because it can send your e-mail to the spam folder.
  7. Follow Up. Bloggers can be very busy people and often receive lots of e-mails. Sometimes even the most interesting story ideas can slip by the wayside. If you haven’t received a response, a follow-up e-mail to make sure they received the first one can increase your chances of getting attention.

Pitch letters are excellent tools for getting your blog post published as a guest on a blog other than your own and increasing your blog’s marketing effectiveness. Pitch letters can help brands to gain attention from the blogs and bloggers who’s audience closely aligns with their target customers. Just remember to keep the letters short, to the point and show how your story can appeal to an audience.

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