New Webinar Recording – Reaching the Social Customer: New Tools, New Strategies

Social Media Marketing


Did you miss our recent webinar about reaching the social customer?

Don’t despair! We recorded the webinar for your viewing pleasure and you can now watch it on demand. Whether you are viewing it for the first time or as a refresher, this insightful webinar is chock full of ideas and strategies to help you engage this new type of customer.

The age of the passive customer is over and the social customer’s voice is amplified more than ever. They are changing everything you thought you knew about your customer relationships, and your business must have strategies and tools in place to cultivate, aggregate, and leverage this new customer. Engaging with them is no longer optional; it is expected.

Now available on demand, join Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and co-founder of Marketo, Adam Metz, Author of The Social Customer, and Michael Lazerow, CEO at BuddyMedia, as they show you how to move beyond the basics to fully take advantage of the power social media marketing can have on driving your business.

Topics discussed include:

  • New tools and strategies to communicate
  • Why listening to customers is essential
  • Sales intelligence to learn more about the customer
  • Engaging and retaining customers
  • Customer-centric vs. customer service?
  • Use Cases for Social Customer Management

We had an overwhelming number of questions after the webinar in which our speakers were kind enough to take the time to answer. Stay tuned tomorrow for a follow up post where our speakers will answer your unanswered questions.

We would love to hear your feedback on our webinar, leave a comment below!