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4 Ways Google+ Hangouts Can Increase B2B Productivity


I have been using Hangouts on Google+ for several weeks and I am seriously blown away with the recently added functionality. If you are not familiar with Hangouts, it’s a feature within Google+ that allows for live group chats with webcam support. For businesses this is great for quick feedback and it’s easy to put together small focus groups. But you will find that there are so many more ways to use Hangouts once you dig deeper into the functionality. It is definitely poised to help businesses increase productivity through new ways of working and collaborating.

Here are four ways that using Google+ Hangouts can increase productivity within your organization.

  1. Collaborate instantly with Google Docs – Hangouts allow for a seamless connection with Google Docs. You can easily collaborate on documents with colleagues across the office or across the country. Create a new doc or simply click the + symbol at the top of the sidebar to access your existing documents.
  2. Draw together with Sketch up – You can create 3D models; collaborate on diagrams, Illustrate ideas, sketch a wireframe, pretty much anything you want to draw or model can be done in a real-time collaborative meeting within a Hangout.
  3. Share Your Screen with one click – Sharing your screen with a colleague or vendor is no longer a hassle. Now you can just ping that person or group and share your screen with them inside a Hangout.
  4. Training – Utilizing all of the above functionality, Hangouts can be a great way to implement training sessions, archive, and follow up with employees inside and outside of the office.

And it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that Google+ provides details after each hangout as to who attended and who didn’t? Follow up is simplified by allowing you to contact those who were present, and invite those who were not to another hangout session. Google also posts about the Hangout in the participant’s streams which encourages discussion afterwards and keeps an ongoing dialog.

Is your business using Hangouts to collaborate? Do you have any clever ideas for using Hangouts to increase productivity? Join the conversation in the comment section below.