Webinars Reimagined – The New Way to Do Webinars

Event Marketing


For over ten years now, webinars have helped marketers generate new leads and accelerate current prospects through the sales cycle (in addition to educating customers, helping with internal communications and more). Because they have been so great at educating prospects, Marketers have long accepted everything that has been involved with creating a webinar. In addition to the promotion of webinars that happen from inbound efforts and paid advertising, there is lots of infrastructure that goes into place.

The OLD Process for EVERY webinar:

  • Schedule the webinar in the webinar platform
  • Create and launch a landing page
  • Create and deploy the email invite (plus a second and third if doing multiple mailings)
  • Create and deploy reminder emails
  • Export the leads from the webinar platform and import into the marketing automation or email system
  • Create and deploy follow-up emails

Plus, it’s really hard to tell when using multiple systems why people registered for your webinar, and then if those that attended turned to customers.

You may be thinking- well, duh. This is how webinars are done.

But there is a new, BETTER way.

What if by simply clicking copy on the last webinar you’ve run and filling in the event’s unique details it could be created? Yes, all the emails, landing pages, and follow-ups with just updating the new information like the date of the event, description, and email banner. Better, the webinar is created right from the marketing automation system which talks to the webinar platform, and then as part of the ‘conversation’, receives back the leads that attended and didn’t attend without even one extra click immediately after the webinar concludes.

Now, if the word integration sounds scary or you are using another marketing automation system and have needed to go through a 120-step integration process in the past, don’t be worried. Marketo is leading the way in integration, making this possible in just a few clicks.

Oh, and why this blog post today? Marketo is announcing our integration to GoToWebinar. While we have had integrations to other webinar platforms, like Webex, Adobe Connect, and On24, GoToWebinar just released their API to make this integration possible today. If you are a Marketo customer, you will receive instructions via email and in our community tomorrow. If you are interested in learning more, you can see our press release or sign up for a GoToWebinar and Marketo demo.