Content Marketing

5 Ways Commenting on Blogs Boosts Your Marketing Efforts


Blog commenting is underrated—few companies recognize that engaging and commenting on relevant blogs achieves marketing goals and therefore do not realize its full potential as a marketing tool. It’s a great platform for discussion and an engaging method of marketing.

Here are five ways blog commenting can boost your marketing efforts:

  1. Increases Readership: Find leads who are looking for you, but just haven’t found you yet. Maybe they’ve been closely following other similar blogs and became comfortable with what they found. Some people just need that link to click to your website when they aren’t actively searching for it, and you can meet them halfway by providing information they want and a link to one of your related blog posts.
  2. Heightens Brand Awareness: Make your brand top-of-mind. Leads are doing research on the internet for your product, so be where they’re at, which won’t always be on your website. Once they see that you have been commenting on blogs with great information, they’ll start to wonder what your company does and how your company can fix their problems.
  3. Strengthens Relationships: Customers may be commenting on others’ blogs, which is a perfect time to maintain a relationship with them by engaging them in a discussion. If customers are the ones writing the blog posts about you, just drop them a simple thanks! They will appreciate it, and you will benefit.
  4. Enhances your SEO: Your expertise in blog comments will generally include keywords that leads are searching for. The more you comment, the more likely your lead will find you. However, be careful: it is not a best practice to load your comment with keywords and a link—this is frowned upon. Write a comment that continues the discussion, and if a link is relevant, post it! You are doing them a favor. Additionally, if the blog is considered credible in the eyes of search engines, you can possibly increase your position in organic search results as more people click on your website and therefore increase visits to your site.
  5. Identifies you as an Expert: Leads are looking for information. If you can provide what they’re looking for, awesome! You just won points in their book. Now they’ll be looking to you for answers.

However, comment with caution! Comment and engage with prospects and customers on blogs with topics similar to yours, but be careful not to merely advertise your blog. Instead, further a discussion and spark their interests in the topic with your expertise, and if you have a relevant article or blog post that covers a similar topic, add a link to your post if you think they’d appreciate it. Chances are, if they’re interested in what you have to offer, they will religiously follow what you have to say and share that information with their colleagues.

Now that I’ve listed my reasons to comment on blogs, what are your reasons?