It’s Alive! Combine Your Half-Written Blog Posts into one with Franken-blogging.

Content Marketing


In the spirit of Halloween I thought it would be fun to explore a concept I previously mentioned in a Social Media Examiner post that I call Franken-blogging. I based this idea on the famous monster that was put together with random parts of other people. Although he was made of bits and pieces, he turned out to be quite the interesting fellow.

Like most bloggers, you probably have a growing number of half-written posts sitting in a folder of content purgatory. These lost souls are usually sparks of insight that never transpired into an entire post. So what do you do with them?

The concept of Frankenstein can be applied to the bits and pieces of content ideas lying around in your content laboratory. The idea here is to find a common theme or link between two or more half written blog posts and combine them into a great one.  For example, I took a half-written post about identifying influencers, combined it with another half-written post about using Twitter lists, and came up with a fabulous post about finding influencers on Twitter and following them efficiently using Twitter lists.

Just as Frankenstein’s body would sometimes reject its constituent parts, your blog post may do the same. So make sure that the ideas make sense in the same post and that it’s easy to read and flows like a real conversation. Your blog is meant to be a living extension of your brand, just make sure you control the message better than Dr. Frankenstein could control his monster.

Have you been successful stitching half written blog post ideas together?