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Best Practices in Online Marketing to Small, Mid-sized and Growing Companies


Today Marketo launches a new product called Spark by Marketo™.  Spark is a big announcement for us, as it has the power of Marketo, but is built to help growing companies succeed by enabling emerging businesses with limited resources to create meaningful marketing campaigns with less effort (using inbound marketing, search, email, webinars, events and social media).  For this launch we have been working pretty hard to ensure success, starting in development and going all the way through to sales, marketing and customer enablement.  Part of this included checking out what other companies marketing to a similar target of small and mid-sized business were doing to achieve success.

It appears there is a bit of a recipe for success, as there are many common themes in the online marketing programs of companies large or small when marketing online to growing companies.  Here is what I learned just by looking at some websites:

  • Don’t bury free trial or demo offers on your website.  Instead, make them the primary call to action, highlighted in the banner of your website home page.
  • Make sure you have product focused video so that prospects can quickly and easily understand your product.
  • Show-off if your product can be used on a mobile device right on your home page, as this is important for small and mid-sized company execs who are often on the go.
  • Be clear about what service or product your company provides.  Don’t fill pages with gobbledygook.  Instead, clearly list what your product does and the pains it relieves.
  • Let your buyers know they can get started quickly and easily- either by letting them sign up right away or by telling the in primary text on your home page.
  • Keep thought leadership in your blog, resource center, or lead nurturing, but don’t feature it as the primary offer on your website.  This content is great for sharing, and to get people to the website, but once they hit the home page the product focused content is more important.

You can see this just by scanning the home pages of businesses who market well to small and mid-sized businesses.  Here are some examples:


You can see that NetSuite highlights their demo as the primary offer.  Thought leadership is kept as a secondary offer for those who may already know NetSuite.  NetSuite also does a great job explaining their value proposition and in explaining why they should be considered by small and mid-sized businesses.











GoToWebinar’s website highlights their ease of use, and makes their product easy to understand with a video on the home page.  Simple but powerful calls to action, including Try it Free and Buy it Now are featured immediately following the demo.












Intuit uses video to show off their functionality, followed by a clear call to action.  Like the others, they talk about their benefits and ease of use.





Mint has a strong call to action asking visitors to start using their product- and it’s hard to miss.  In addition to a free trial, they show off their mobile friendliness by featuring their product on mobile devices right on the home page.










At Shopify, you can’t miss the 30-day free trial, meant to get growing businesses going quickly.  The first bullet point highlights the ease of use, and the website clearly shows how mobile friendly their product is for their users.











On the small business page of the Avaya website you see Mobile is one of the main themes.  Also, Avaya is highlighting how companies can grow quickly, which is something small and medium business buyers are looking to see.   They also link to a short video from one of their customers, who is a small business executive.












Have additional tips for online marketing to small or mid-sized companies?  Please comment below.  Interested to learn more about Spark by Marketo™, or how we are doing on our own marketing to small and mid-sized business? Check out Spark by Marketo™.