Create, Engage, Convert: Achieving Success with AMA’s Virtual Xchange

Demand Generation


Yesterday Marketo took part in the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Virtual Xchange, and what an Xperience! This particular virtual event was based on just that – virtual events. These new avenues of information are taking the B2B marketing world by storm, and there isn’t any sign of them slowing down.

I’ve taken the liberty of taking yesterday’s 4 hour event and condensing it into 4 points for you and your marketing team to leverage at your leisure.

    • Survival of the Prettiest

Carmen Taran, co-founder of Rexi Media, spoke to the often-overlooked concept of using visual aesthetics to produce outstanding virtual presentations. Now, it’s no secret that people love to be dazzled, but all too often B2B marketing presentations are weighted down with overloaded bullet points and illegible graphs; these tend to lead to eyestrain and headaches. Instead of hurting your audience, help them with a balanced combination of form, function, and feeling.

    • Come to Register, Stay to Attend!

Here Dennis Shiao, Director of Product Marketing at INXPO, walked through the process of driving registration, which of course leads to greater numbers of engaged attendees. Just because you have posted information about a virtual event on your website does not mean a wave of prospects will suddenly flood your registration page. Furthermore, just because you have several thousand registrants does not mean you will have several thousand, or even one thousand, attendees. It is essential to engage your target audience early and through the right channels (hint: social media), then continue to engage them and create buzz leading up to the event. This will keep the event top-of-mind for registrants. Think of it this way: what would Dreamforce be like if just threw one ad up on their site, and that was the last you heard of it until the Moscone Center opened its doors?

    • You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

Ken Molay, President of Webinar Success, emphasized the core concept behind having a webinar in the first place: engaging prospects. For many of your webinar attendees, this may well be the first time they have had any interaction with your company. Therefore, it is essential to generate enthusiasm among your attendees and not drive away any prospective customers. This doesn’t just mean actively engaging with attendees during the event. Pre-event and post-event communications are just as important in optimizing the flow of webinar-attained names through your revenue funnel.

    • Secret Sauce to Online Events

It’s no secret that Marketo lives to go above and beyond all expectations. The way we implement virtual events into our marketing mix is no different. Our Senior Director of Marketing, Maria Pergolino, revealed our secret sauce for getting the most out of your demand generation efforts. Here are Marketo’s 7 deadly secrets behind building and implementing online events that over-perform:

      1. Set realistic and targeted goals upfront
      2. Incorporate a strong theme and be creative
      3. Include multiple touches in your promotion
      4. Segment your promotions to touch the right audience
      5. Be the first to follow-up with attendees and non-attendees alike
      6. Make the campaign scalable
      7. Base measurement around proving marketing ROI

If by chance you have yet to attend any type of virtual event, I strongly recommend it! These new, crucial marketing tools are specifically designed to attract your targeted prospects, engage existing customers, have easily measured KPIs, and ultimately, drive top-line revenue performance.

Interested in learning more? Check out the American Marketing Association, MarketingProfs and Marketo’s event page for a steady stream of quality virtual events. For reference, also be sure to grab Maria’s presentation slides, which include an exclusive sample webinar checklist. Happy Xchanging!