Fergus Gloster, Managing Director of EMEA, Discusses Marketo’s Rapid International Expansion and More

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On April 18th, we announced the appointment of Fergus Gloster, the former SVP of corporate sales and a founding director of salesforce.com’s European operations, as Marketo’s managing director of EMEA. We also announced the opening of our European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland to expand operations in Europe and support our growing international customer base.

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Dublin to sit down with Fergus and talk about why he joined Marketo, his plans for building out the European hub, the recent changes in the buying cycle and his thoughts on Marketo’s position as one of the fastest growing software-as-a-service companies ever.

Below is a transcript of the interview.

[music] [Phil Fernandez]: So I’m Phil Fernandez, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marketo. And I’m delighted today to be recording this video from Dublin, Ireland, where I am here with Fergus Gloster, our new Managing Director of Marketo EMEA, as we work to found our new European operations at Marketo. You know, it’s been very exciting at Marketo over the last several months. We’ve announced a number of new executives joining our team as we work to build a great global company at Marketo. And certainly one of the premiere executives we’ve been able to track is Fergus. Fergus, actually, most recently before Marketo, was one of the founding members of Salesforce.com’s team in Europe, starting in 2000. And over, really, the decade of the 2000s, build a tremendously successful operation here in both Ireland and throughout Europe. We’re delighted to have Fergus join the team; thank you for joining us, Fergus.

[Fergus Gloster]: Thank you very much.

[Phil Fernandez]: Talk to me about why you signed up with Marketo. We’re thrilled to have you as part of the team.

[Fergus Gloster]: Well, it’s wonderful, time from time, from my perspective, to join Marketo. It’s one of the fastest growing software and service companies in the world. It has had over 300 percent year-on-year growth from a revenue perspective. As you mentioned, it passed 1,000 customers recently, which I’m delighted to see that some of those are European already, which I’m very excited about. And I think that Marketo has a superb future in the whole area of revenue performance management, so, that’s why.

[Phil Fernandez]: So what we’re going to do for Marketo’s current customers, as part of building the European hub, is to have a complete range of functions and services available to customers, and of course new prospects, which we hope will join us in the very near future. And that would cover the full range of sales, marketing, support, consulting services, development, and back-office support functions, which will be available throughout European, languages, time zones, et cetera. So it’s very exciting what we’re going to do in terms of building a team – and I like to build teams; it’s what I’ve been doing for years, as I mentioned: a passion for software as a service. And I think we’re going to build the best European SaaS team out of Dublin.

[Phil Fernandez]: You know, Fergus, one of the things that you mentioned is that Marketo is one of the fastest growing software as a service companies really of all time. And you having obviously come out of, I think, what’s the gold standard [overlap] – you know, that makes a big statement, that you’ve joined Marketo. My sense is that our success is really being driven by the fact that in some ways the internet – and now social media – has changed everything in the world, and has really changed the way that buying and selling work. And so many companies are feeling that pain.

[Fergus Gloster]: Absolutely. And, I mean, the internet is ubiquitous; social media is ubiquitous. As you say, that transition or transfer of the model, where the buying cycle has dramatically changed in favor of the buyer, which we believe is a good thing. From a European perspective, everyone is trying to exploit these new channels and these new ways of going to market, and therefore we’re in an ideal position to assist them in that migration.

[Phil Fernandez]: [inaudible] an exciting time, you know, regardless of where any country or region is in the economic cycle. Fundamentally, what Marketo is able to do is help companies ignite growth – efficient growth – and fundamentally, as we look at what every economy needs to achieve and what every business needs to achieve, it’s to achieve growth that’s faster than their competitors, faster than the market at large, and to really find that unfair competitive advantage. So I look forward to working with you.

[Fergus Gloster]: Absolutely.

[Phil Fernandez]: Bring that message to the European marketplace, and welcome to the Marketo team, Fergus!

[Fergus Gloster]: Thank you very much.

[Phil Fernandez]: Great, thank you.

[End of Recording]