ExactTarget, Marketo Announce Strategic Partnership to Integrate Marketing Technologies

Product and Industry


As I think about what it takes to build a great company, several priorities come to mind. You must have a unique and compelling idea that solves a real business problem.  You must be able to deliver on that promise by creating an innovative product that meets the needs of your customers.  We’ve done that with our market-leading Revenue Performance Management platform – a highly intuitive, easy-to-use suite that enables organizations to attack head-on one of the most critical aspects of business: how to create and accelerate revenue growth.

Additionally, one of the most important elements of building a great company is getting product to market.  And during explosive growth like we’re seeing at Marketo, it’s critical to increase distribution reach.  One way to do that is to continue to invest in our own marketing and sales team, and we are absolutely doing that as fast as our feet can carry us.  But the market is growing even faster than we can hire and train great sales professionals, so we’re always looking for additional ways to find and serve new customers.

That’s why I’m so thrilled about today’s partnership announcement with ExactTarget. We announced a strategic agreement under which ExactTarget will resell Marketo’s Revenue Performance Management solution globally.  To power this new channel for Marketo, we have agreed to integrate a version of Marketo’s products with ExactTarget’s exciting new Interactive Marketing Hub.  With ExactTarget, we saw a unique opportunity where our products would complement each other, and where we could reach many more potential customers through ExactTarget’s global sales teams.  Through the ExactTarget partnership, Marketo will become the revenue system of record for a much larger number of businesses around the world.

Marketo and ExactTarget represent market-leading marketing automation companies – with great brands, innovative products, and a reputation for delighting customers. Both companies are focused on helping businesses solve a key challenge of modern era. In a world where the Madison Avenue model of marketing is now obsolete, we’re helping businesses effectively understand and engage with customers across every stage of the revenue cycle, from the first tweet from a prospect, to the moment the deal closes, and beyond.

Of course, Marketo will continue to focus first and foremost on parts 1 and 2 of building a great company.  We’ll continue to maintain our furious pace of innovation, delivering products like Marketo Next that raise the bar for the entire category. And we’ll continue to invest in our own talent, to ensure that our own global sales and services teams remain world-class.

By combining our stellar direct sales and services teams with strategically selected partnerships with leading companies like ExactTarget, Marketo will be in a position to continue its growth trajectory for years to come.  In doing so, we’ll help our customers enjoy outsized revenue performance as well.

To learn more about this partnership, please click here. I look forward to hearing from you on your thoughts on the news.