Marketing Automation

3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your B2B Marketing Evolve


Today’s B2B marketplace calls for a quick, yet individualized response to the huge consumer appetite for information. But buyers need more than data; they are looking for relationships, too. Hence, the rise of marketing automation, a must-have tool for B2B marketers.

This emerging technology lets companies cater to prospects in a highly personalized fashion but on a grand scale. It combines the art of individual attention with the benefit of extended reach and efficiency.

However, many B2B marketers haven’t grasped the solid benefits of marketing automation. They are either stuck in traditional tracks, or they don’t understand exactly how this cutting-edge tool can revolutionize the entire sales funnel.

If you’ve yet to embrace this corporate-game changer, take a look at these three benefits marketing automation can bring to your B2B marketing:

1. Go Beyond Lists – Give Life To Your Database

      Prospect lists have been the lifeblood of companies for decades, but lists don’t represent the living, thinking, tire-kicking folks who make up your prospect pool. It isn’t enough to house a collection of names; you’ve got to get a sense of those names’ personalities. Marketing automation allows marketers to jump quickly into the process of starting relationships as soon as potential leads signal their interest.

Now, when a prospect gives you their email information, you don’t have to distribute a single white paper, cross your fingers and hope it motivates them to buy. Marketing automation allows you to begin an ongoing conversation based on prospect needs, interests and behavior.

2. Incubate Your Prospects
Here’s where marketing automation begins to move prospects effectively through the funnel. Through a series of time-sensitive, behavior-based touch points, you can nudge prospects along the lead nurturing path via increased levels of engagement.

Truly targeted email campaigns can nurture each prospect subtly – or more aggressively – and keep them feeling connected to you along the way. You can accelerate or decelerate the frequency of contact based on how your prospects behave. You also can adjust the information they receive based on what they really want to know.

Not only does this kind of flexible dialog show prospects you care about how they make their buying decisions, it also provides the added benefit of using lead behavior as a platform for tweaking ongoing lead scoring practices.

3. Develop The Ideal Sales Lead
The better you understand your buyer’s behaviors, the more you’ll be able to integrate your B2B marketing across the Internet landscape.

When you do this, you can leverage the magic of marketing automation to knowingly deploy tactics across channels in ways that best align with what your buyers are researching now.

In the end, with the right amount of contact and the most apropos content, you’ll see prospects emerge from their sheltered cocoons into evolved leads, ready to convert to sale.

Only when you’ve grafted marketing automation into your lead generation process can you truly give yourself the best chance to maneuver through the thicket of your competitors.

Your ability to evolve a caterpillar wandering your net into a full-on prospect with wings will result in a sales funnel filled with butterflies that will ultimately lift your marketing ROI.

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