Announcing Marketo Next, The Largest Product Release in Marketo’s History

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Three years ago Marketo redefined the marketing automation market with our powerful, yet easy-to-use, Lead Management solution. Since then, we introduced Sales Insight and Revenue Cycle Analytics, two solutions first of their kind, and have helped over 1000 customers accelerate revenue growth on average by 40%.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil Marketo Next, our largest release yet, which includes major enhancements across Marketo’s Revenue Performance Management Suite.

Marketo Next helps companies improve sales productivity by enabling sales and marketing to be more agile, more social, more intelligent and more connected than ever before. It’s the next generation of marketing automation and sales effectiveness solutions!

Here are some of the highlights of the release:

More Agile: Efficiently execute and maximize returns on a variety of program types including live and online events

  • Smart EventsTM : Maximize the ROI of online, live and hybrid events by attracting more attendees with personalized invitations and timely reminders, and converting more attendees to buyers with post-event lead nurturing. Smart EventsTM lets organizations run more events with fewer resources by managing the entire event process in a single flow and making it easy to clone and reuse events.
  • Multi-channel program management: Go beyond email blasts or single ad campaigns. Efficiently manage complex programs across multiple channels, including online ads, video campaigns, mobile, virtual events, and social media.
  • Spend management: Easily capture upfront and ongoing period costs for each program and intelligently allocate resource all channels by measuring ROI and predicting the impact each program will have on revenue.

More Social: Acquire Sales Leads and Improve Effectiveness through Social Media

  • Social Response: Marketo now integrates with social listening platforms, enabling companies to trigger actions or elevate lead scoring based on the social activity of prospects in their database. Marketo also provides more accurate sales insights and targeted campaigns through integrated Jigsaw data that improves the quality of contact information for leads within Marketo lists.
  • Social Sharing: Leverage social channels as part of the overall campaign distribution. For example, enable prospects to easily forward or “like” information that not only expands the reach of your campaign, but also provide valuable information on how your prospects are responding to your message.
  • Social Analytics, Social Publishing, Sales Insights Social Feeds and much more

More Intelligent: Real-Time Program Effectiveness and Revenue Trending Analysis

Marketo has added several new analyzers and out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, and metrics to make marketing more intelligent when it comes to making investment decisions in programs and events. These include:

  • Program Effectiveness Analyzer:                                                                                                                        Visually evaluate the return on marketing investments in terms of pipeline generated and revenue closed.
  • Opportunity Influence Analyzer: Demonstrate marketing contribution to revenue by analyzing the programs and events that influenced the creation of opportunities and revenue generation.
  • New out-of-the-box reports, dashboards and cost and return-on-investment (ROI) metrics: Analyze the metrics that matter with new reports and metrics, such as cost per lead, program ROI, etc.

More Connected: Integrates seamlessly with third-party vendors

As the single system of record for RPM, Marketo has extended its support for connecting with a broad range of solutions, including:

  • Social business solutions such as Jigsaw and Bizo, which provide more insight into prospect’s behavior and demographics to run targeted campaigns.
  • Webinar providers such as Webex, Citrix, On24 and Adobe Connect and live events providers such as Eventbrite and Cvent. Through these integrations, Marketo automatically knows who registered and attended, and automate every step of the event process within Marketo.
  • Social connectors with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin as a distribution channel for content, as well as for getting more information on prospects.

At Marketo, we hold ourselves to a furious pace of innovation, delivering solutions to help customers drive predictable revenue growth. With Marketo Next, we’re taking RPM to a new level.

Marketo Next will be available to all customers starting June 25, 2011. Like previous releases, it will be fully compatible with the existing product, and customers can choose to use the new capabilities at any time.

Stay tuned for more details!