5 Tactics to Earn an Avalanche of Tweets, Likes and Followers

Social Media Marketing


Search marketing and B2B social media have become essential to marketing campaigns. Now more than ever, it is crucial to know who to follow on Twitter, connect with on Facebook, add to your feeds and meet face-to-face in order to maximize your results.

Marketo’s webinar, Improving Campaign Results with Search Marketing and Social Media, covers those topics and more. Led by Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing and Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, this webinar discusses the best ways to harness social media, SEO and other ways to curate content and optimize its marketing potential.

During this online event, Odden and Fishkin shared many useful tips on boosting your online visibility and creating content that gets influential web users’ attention and will gain traction for your B2B marketing campaign as it is passed along. Here are five notable tips from the session.

  1. Identify relevant, high-value contacts on Twitter. Analytics tools are your friends. Followerwonk is a powerful user search and compare application that can help you find the right listeners for your unique space.
  2. Earn Likes, Fans and Followers. There’s strength in numbers: the larger your community, the more people will see your content and share it. So it makes sense that ratcheting up your following on Facebook and Twitter will help you show up in more feeds.
  3. Follow good content aggregators, then distill and share that content with others. Even more important than knowing the right way to paraphrase a headline is knowing the right people to follow and how to harness their appeal.
  4. Meet influencers in person. However essential it may be, Social media is no substitute for the power of meeting face-to-face, and together their force can be formidable indeed. Attending conferences and meetups can dramatically improve your Re-tweet/Re-shareability.
  5. Measure and optimize how you share. To reach the largest audience, you need to be able to measure what works and what doesn’t, just as you would with any marketing analytics. Then you can use your findings to fine-tune your efforts. You can start by tracking your click-through rate by using bit.ly.

Check out this B2B Social Media webinar to gain more actionable insights from Lee Odden and Rand Fishkin.