SlideShare Basics – A B2B Marketing Cheat Sheet

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Is your company leveraging SlideShare to its fullest? As a social media tool that is called the “YouTube of slide presentations”, doesn’t this sound like something you need to add to your B2B social media strategy?

What is SlideShare?

SlideShare is an online content hosting service where users can upload and share presentations, documents, and videos.  Once a presentation is uploaded to SlideShare, users can rate, comment on, and share these via social media. As with other popular social networking sites, users can also stay in touch by “following” each other, and participate in groups.

Leveraging SlideShare Content

One of the most powerful features of SlideShare is the ability to post presentations in other mediums. For example, bloggers can easily embed a presentation in a post to support their content.

LinkedIn has a SlideShare app (go to which allows you to automatically showcase your presentations in your LinkedIn profile.

Facebook also has SlideShare integration, where users can upload SlideShare presentations to Facebook. It’s also possible to sync your SlideShare account with Facebook, which means all of your SlideShare presentations will automatically be visible via your Facebook profile page. See for more info.

SlideShare and Lead Generation

SlideShare PRO packages offer features above and beyond the free version, including analytics, more control over branding, removal of advertising, and lead generation campaigns. With the lead gen feature, leads are captured by adding a form to your slide presentations. The form appears every few slides, and can be skipped by the user if desired. Have a plan for importing leads into your marketing automation or CRM platform in order to track the leads and follow up with them accordingly.

To learn more, download the SlideShare B2B Marketing Cheat Sheet.

SlideShare Cheat Sheet

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