Email Marketing

Email Deliverability by Design: An Important Checklist


This week Marketo released an Email Design and Creative Checklist.  This document provides a comprehensive set of email marketing best practices in a nice, actionable and easy-to-use checklist. With this checklist, marketers can consistently ensure that best practices are implemented and checked-off before their marketing campaign launch. Learn how to best optimize your email message, include brand and design, and avoid common spam signatures to ensure your email reaches the inbox.

This email deliverability checklist is condensed best practices know-how that will help you improve response rates. Why did we pack all this info into a checklist? Well, checklists have consistently been shown to improve the success of sophisticated systems. For example, the “simple” checklist is proven to dramatically improve intensive care survival rates. Checklists are even a key enabler of our modern air flight system!  This New Yorker article does a great job describing the power of the checklist.

We hope you find this checklist useful, and be sure to subscribe to Marketo’s RSS Feed, as more checklists are to come!