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Why I’ve Come Aboard as CRO of Marketo


Yesterday, I joined Marketo as Chief Revenue Officer – and I’m fired up!

I have been amazed by all the emails and messages that have come to me – this is a company with a lot of fans and happy customers. This being my first blog post, I wanted to share some insight into Marketo and why this is such a special company.

Marketo is at the center of a fundamental shift in business today: because of the fast-expanding power of the Internet, the relationship between buyers and sellers has changed forever. As a result, companies are evolving their processes and organizational structures to systematically drive revenue in this new world.

It wasn’t long ago when a CEO told me, “My sales reps are the face of my company!” However, those days have come and gone. Most buyers are now searching the Web to figure out what they want to buy – well before they talk to a sales rep. That means marketing must play an expanded role – not only to create awareness, but also educate potential buyers so they know why your company has better products than your competitors long before they talk with your employees. Further, successful programs are now more tightly integrated with sales in order to maximize speed and efficiency at every step across the marketing and sales process.

Marketo saw this market transformation in how companies create, manage and grow revenue taking place years ago and we practice what we preach – that’s why they’ve created a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) role and why I’ve come aboard. I spoke with one of our customers during my interview process (a VP that worked for me at my last company) who told me he bought Marketo and ran his first Internet lead generation campaign in a couple of hours! Talk about fast time to value! (Don’t worry, we’ll get him on video soon!)

As CRO of Marketo, I am responsible for all aspects of revenue performance. That means everything from driving the company’s overall revenue strategy to determining how our sales and marketing departments collectively accelerate global, profitable, revenue growth. It’s this holistic view of customer interactions across sales and marketing that will ensure we’re getting the best out of both areas of investment, but also bringing the greatest impact on revenue growth possible.

While I’m excited about joining Marketo during such an exciting period of growth, I’m also humbled about becoming part of this accomplished, driven team. In less than five years, Marketo has become one of the fastest growing private companies in the history of enterprise software — and we have the necessary pieces in place to do much, much more in the coming years. This company is on fire – the passion, focus and energy has created amazing results, and I think the best is yet to come!

One last thought: when a recession ends is the time to grab market share. Market share is never cheaper than it is right now and Marketo is uniquely qualified to speed revenue growth for our customers – in hours, not weeks or months! It’s a ‘must have’ application and that’s why we are growing and grabbing market share ourselves.

Thank you for all the support. I look forward to getting to know our customers, partners and employees as we accelerate our growth and our ability to satisfy the great demand we see for our innovative products.

Many thanks,