The Future of Sales Lead Management – An Interview with SLMA’s James Obermayer

Lead Management


Marketo CEO, Phil Fernandez, had the chance to interview the CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association, James Obermayer at Dreamforce 2010. When you get top thought leaders in the industry to discuss best practices, techniques and forecasts, it’s quite an amazing thing to watch. Luckily, Marketo had the chance to capture this event live. Watch the YouTube video, or read the quick summary below.

At SLMA, Jim Obermayer focuses on proving the return on investment of marketing activities and managing sales leads, and the value of managing those sales leads. He explains that “it’s more than CRM”. Technologies like marketing automation are taking things to a whole new level. By leveraging these technologies, marketing managers can take their place in the revenue cycle.

Although we are coming out of a recession “there is always something good that comes out something bad”. The result? Marketers are stepping up to prove the return on investment of their marketing activities.

Nowadays, many articles are talking about sales and marketing alignment and producing marketing ROI. In order to get executive sales attention “marketing managers should walk into their sales mangers office, close the door and lock it.” says Obermayer. But in all seriousness, Obermayer explains how marketing managers need to tell Sales that they are there to help them make quota. Aligning sales and marketing will prove that the marketing manager is “a creator of wealth” – only if they prove it.

So, how does the marketing manager start the discussion with the CFO? James Obermayer advises the marketing manager to tell the CFO the following: “The dollars we spend on lead generation are totally predictable. I can tell you the return on investment. I can tell you what percentage of leads are going to turn into a sale. I can say that if I have 100% follow-up on all sales inquiries, I will increase your sales 15-20% in 90 days” – if you allow the budget for tools like marketing automation.

To see more, watch the video below.