Highlights from the 2010 Dreamforce Keynote: The Cloud Computing Event of the Year

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It just ended minutes ago, and it was #awesome.  The keynote at this year’s Dreamforce event was bigger and better than any before.  14,000 of the 30,000 registrants were at this year’s keynote- all cheering for cloud computing.  Marc Benioff, in all his grandeur, hit the stage loud and proud sharing the success over the past year ranging from improvements to the service cloud to the mass adoption of Chatter to the acquisition of Jigsaw.

Of course, we reviewed cloud computing.  “Beware of the false cloud” shouted Marc.  We heard both the business benefits and the green ones, including reduced CO2 emissions per transaction compared to hosted solutions.  Salesforce.com consumes 90% less energy than traditional software.

Philanthropy was also a big topic.  Marc reminded us of the great work Salesforce foundation has done with $20 million in grants, 9,500 non-profit organizations using Salesforce.com, and 225,000 hours of community service from their empoyees.  More on philanthropy at Dreamforce can be found on the Dreamforce website.

The highlights:

Sales Cloud- discussed Market Leadership, customer success and product innovation

  • Dell’s new Boomi acquision
  • New features in Winter 2011 – including improvements to Outlook Integration, quotes, reporting and dahsboards

Service Cloud

  • 36% improvements reported by customers using the service cloud
  • Improvements to the Salesforce for Twitter app

Force.com Platform

  • Announcements coming during tomorrow’s keynote
  • 185,000 force.com apps have been created

Jigsaw- Data Cloud

  • 500 people have signed up for Jigsaw since the acquisition
  • Highlighted that a million people update 23 million contacts in Jigsaw

Chatter- Collaboration Cloud

  • New suite of Chatter products including chatter free, chatter mobile, and chatter plus
  • Announcement of Chatter.com – going live in February
  • Groups- you can create a public or private group for anything (like competitors, customer references, engineering collaborations)
  • Dashboards (in a few weeks) will be able to feed to Chatter
  • 2010 product of the year from ReadWriteWeb and eWeek

And the big news?  The new cloud:

Database.com- enterprise database with the power of cloud computing

  • Learn more Database.com with this short video
  • Enterprise database with the power of cloud computing including: Relational data, Full text search, User management, Row-level security, Triggers & stored procedures, Authentication, APIs

My final comment?  What a week this is going to be.  I will continue the blogging and Tweeting, plus starting this minute you can watch interviews of speakers, thought leaders and analysts at Dreamforce as we are broadcasting over 20 hours of coverage from the event at Marketo TV at Dreamforce.

PS- Thanks to @mathieu for one of his photos.