Creating the Perfect Mix of Art and Science in Your B2B Marketing Programs

Modern Marketing


Geeks and Artists unite! In the words of Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo, Marketing is not the arts and crafts guy anymore! Marketing is part of the organization that is now held accountable for revenue. Marketing is both an art and science. How do we create the perfect mix? Find out more in the latest version of Marketo’s secret sauce: Creating the Perfect Mix of Art and Science in Your B2B Marketing Programs. Now while you must be both Artist and Scientist in today’s Marketing efforts, I’ve included stats for you left brained, and inserted some visuals for you right brained folks.

  • Lead nurturing: Triple the amount of new leads using nurturing

Marketo took a sample of their leads and nurtured them the way they normally do, and the other segment, they did not. Here are some of the findings:

  • Lead scoring: Improve ROI by prioritizing sales efforts to meet and achieve quota

CSO Insights asked companies. “How easy is it to get access to information about prioritizing sales efforts?”. See the findings below:

  • Form building and registration: Learn when to ask for registration and increase conversion rates and lower cost per lead

Marketo has done a fair amount of rigorous testing to find out, when you do need to use forms, how long they should be.

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